3/28 HJ Radio Show Weekly Recap: Emerian Rich

I didn’t share the recap for Emerian’s show last Wednesday, but it appears I’m catching up on recaps today, so here we go.

It was very exciting to get to talk to Emz for a change. We’ve exchanged a lot of email correspondence, we keep track of each other on social media, but it was delightful to hear her voice.

Another thing I was excited about is the image above. It’s the one I used for the Facebook Event I created for her episode. I’ve been making Facebook Event images for each episode, but Emz’s was a sort of breakthrough. I do believe it will become the template I use going forward.

Horror Hostess

Emz wears a lot of different hats, but the one that fascinates me most is her Horror Hostess tiara at HorrorAddicts.net.

I wanted to find out more, and during our conversation I did. I learned some neat things, including:

  1. HorrorAddicts.net was born after she completed podcasting her vampire novel, Night’s Knight. (Which I thought was really cool that she had “published” her book like that.)
  2. HorrorAddicts.net started as a podcast but has become a “…podcast, blog, and publisher, with nine staff, a handful of reviewers, and thousands of fans across the globe.”
  3. HorrorAddicts.net has both a Facebook page (which I knew about) and a Facebook group (which I didn’t, and which Emz said she prefers because it allows people to be more interactive).
  4. We also got to talk about the Next Great Horror Writer Contest that HorrorAddicts.net is hosting. Really cool concept where they found 14 emerging horror writers who will be vying for the title and chance at publication in this contest.

That’s just a little of what we talked about. If you want to hear more, check out her episode in the On Demand section of ParaMania Radio.

Emz’s Links

To learn more about Emz, visit her website: http://www.emzbox.com/.

To hear a really fun podcast, check out HorrorAddicts.net: http://horroraddicts.net/ (They do SO much with it! They interview neat people, read/act out stories, play music and sometimes even do things like crafts! It’s really, really fun and creative.)

Show Trailer

I was also inspired to make a promo trailer for Emz’s show. Sadly I didn’t upload it to YouTube until today, but I did share it generously on Twitter and Facebook before her show.


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