3/7 & 3/14 Haunt Jaunts Radio Show Weekly Recap

This morning I got the bright idea to post Haunt Jaunts radio show recaps  every Wednesday since I know not everyone wants to tune in to listen to a radio show. Or, in some cases, can’t.

And since I just got the bright idea today, I didn’t want to ignore last week’s debut episode.

So here’s the quick and dirty breakdown of both shows.

3/7/17 Debut Episode with the Fearless Ghosthunter, Scott Morrow
Listen here: http://paramaniaradio.com/On-Demand.php?ondemanddir=Haunt%20Jaunts

I was really excited to have the man who made HJ getting a radio show be my first guest.

I wanted to kick things off like I kick off any party I throw: with an ice breaker. So I invited (forced) Scott to play the Which of These Three game.

I gave Scott a choice between three things. He had to pick which of the three he preferred.

We played four different rounds. His final choices were:

  • Deadpool
  • Horror Movies
  • An abandoned sex motel
  • Bigfoot

And here’s where my tease comes out. If you want to know what selections he had to choose from to make these picks, I’m gonna tell you to listen to the first 10 minutes of the show!

Then we talked Scott.

He’s had his show, The Fearless Ghosthunter, for years. (Although he was on a different network initially, but has been with the ParaMania Radio family for a while now.)

One of the best stories Scott shared, one that friends who were listening in commented to me about after the show, was when he said he was on an investigation and got picked up and slammed down on the side walk. After sort of taunting a spirit.

The way he tells it is more chilling than my words are conveying. Interest piqued? Listen to the show to hear it in his own words. It’s after the 30 minute mark somewhere.


We interrupt this post because I can hear some of you reading this complaining, “Hey! You’re cheating. You opened with saying you know some of us don’t want to listen, but you keep posting links encouraging us to do just that.”


I know some of you are just lazy and that’s why you’re not listening. This is all meant to help motivate you!

I keep telling you all not to be fooled by my sweet face. It masks a devious mind. If you choose not to believe, that’s on you. I’ve given you fair warning!

3/14/17 Brock Burroughs
Listen here: http://paramaniaradio.com/On-Demand.php?ondemanddir=Haunt%20Jaunts

Last night’s show was a lot of fun. I love playing games and since I had another guest –HJ’s show producer, Brock Burroughs– I had someone to play with. Not to mention everyone in the chat room.

Oh yeah. The chat room. That’s where it’s at.

If you’ve never been to a show yet, you have to come at least once just for the chat room alone. It’s for listeners to interact with show hosts and guests and each other. It’s awesome. Like I said, just once. Have to check it out!

Anyway so last night Skellie planned some St. Paddy’s Shenanigans. (Which explains our attire in the above photo.)

I think I initially meant to call it the Do You Speak Leprechaun? game, but I don’t know that it ever really got a title.

I asked Brock some Irish slang words I’d found to see if he knew what they meant. Then I had a little scoring system to see how you ranked.

  1. 1-2 words right = Rainbow
  2. 3 word right = Triple Knot
  3. 4 words right = Four-Leaf Clover
  4. 5-6 words = Leprechaun
  5. Perfect 7 = Pot of Gold

I think the highest I saw someone get was Mama D, who’s the host of Fireside Chat, claim 4.

The words were hard.

Examples: Do you know what “Manky” or “Banjaxed” means? (Without Googling them?) Then you might’ve cruised your way to a Pot of Gold.

Can you guess what I’m going to say next? If you want to play along at home and see if you can claim the Pot of Gold status, listen to the show.

Then it was time to talk to Brock, who is a very busy man.

In addition to being ParaMania Radio’s station administrator, he co-hosts Para-Time with Brock and Doc (Sundays 10pm Eastern) and the Haunted Chronicles with Dr. Haunted (Fridays 8pm Eastern).

He also produces a few shows. Ours (Haunts Jaunts, Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern),  The Third Eye Lexicon with Cat Wilder (Mondays at 10pm Eastern), and Beyond the Stars with Vicki Johns and Jen Young (right after HJ on Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern. Which Brock also is sort of a co-host on sometimes too.)

Our topic was supposed to be psychics and such, which we did somewhat touch upon, but we also talked about dreams and a haunted gem near his neck of the woods, St. Albans. (I’ll be for sure writing more about that.)

One of the chat room listeners, Max, asked me to ask Brock about the bowling alley in St. Albans. (Max seems to be a regular chatter for some of the shows. At least I’ve seen him in Scott Morrow’s chat room too the times I’ve been in there.)

Glad he did. A haunted bowling alley inside an abandoned former asylum? Oh yeah, Brock said there was activity there.

And, yep, we’ll end here on that tease. If you want to find out what Brock said –say it with me now– listen to the show!

Show Preview: 3/21/17’s guest will be Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter author, C. A. Verstraete (aka Chris V.).



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