a necklace from my mom before she died

i posted this in ghost stories recently but it is 100% true and i wanna know if other people have had similar experiences with gifts from deceased loved ones.
“So first about the necklace it was a piece of copper kinda surfboard shaped that had some funky designs on it, also there were two holes in it that a piece of leather was strung through, into one hole strung around the back and out through the other, important for later. Anyways so my mom died very unexpectedly a blood clot in the middle of the night and i was only 18 at the time. Fast forward a couple of depressing, up and down emotionally charged months and i’m at work installing a wood floor, cue the emotional distraught where i am just completely overcome with just raw sadness and anger and depression so i make a beeline to get away from my coworkers and take myself out to the backyard of this huge house. In my head i am just cursing everything and everyone and just asking god why, just fucking why… when i hear a metallic clink, i looked down and saw that my necklace had broken and fallen onto the cement and in between my feet was the piece of copper from my necklace, i pretty much hadn’t taken it off since my mom died, i figured the leather had finally worn out and broke i reached down and picked up the copper and grabbed the leather from around my neck but was surprised to find the leather was still intact around my neck. Now before this had happened i had taken the copper off the leather once before, i wanted to put it on my key chain but the holes didn’t fit it right, but to do this i had to take the necklace off and pull the leather out of the holes, it was tight on the leather too it didn’t like to move yet somehow the piece of copper fell threw the string of leather like it was water, and once i had really figured all this out in my head, i just felt this calming wave wash over me and i felt my moms presence and it was the first time since my mom died that i felt any peace with the whole shitty thing i don’t know why this magical thing happened but it was my first step to accepting my moms death.”

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