A Theory of How Spirit Attachment Works

So I’ve been watching Ghost Adventures for years and Ive been observing how the Orbs work the ones that they have caught on film very closely. I believe Spirit Attachment starts with the Orbs. When investigators start asking questions they usually just “appear” out of know where and are the same Golden Color flying around going INTO people’s bodies. But it’s only when there asking questions or taunting it seems. And when there taunting on more then one occasion they enter into the head of the investigator. I believe this is to establish a “Psychic Link” with the investigator or person. Once that link is established depending on the will of the investigator the next step is Partial Possession if you become super attached to the Spirit. Then after a period of time it becomes a full possession. And Period of time is obviously “X” since Full Possessions take time to work on a persons soul and mental state.

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