A very angry spirit plagued our childhood. Anyone else?

I was born in St. Petersburg Florida, and we lived there until I was about seven or eight. For most of those years I shared a room with my sister, and things were pretty normal until about a year before we left. It started with sounds late at night: scratching sounds on the doors and walls, the television turning on by itself, whispering between those who were not there. Then things got progressively worse. Furniture started to move, things started falling of shelves and breaking, and then it started targeting my older sister. She started screaming one night and revealed long scratch marks on her back and legs. This occurred two or three times, including one time where I saw here hair being pulled. It started to drag her out of the bed once while we were sleeping so I ran and turned on the light thinking someone was in the room. No one was. Things started to shake as if an earth quake was happening, and my sister broke down crying. I screamed at it to stop and it did. This went on and off for a few months until one event caused my parents to finally call a priest in. While she was sleeping in her bed it started to shake violently and was not stopping. My parents ran into the room and were amazed that it was not stopping. we thought it was all over, until I finally found out what it was for myself. Late one night I was having trouble sleeping, I struggle with insomnia and have for a very long time. I was scared of the dark so I would raise the covers all the way to my nose with only my eyes uncovered so I can look around and make sure nothing was there. It was a setting out of a horror movie. I could hear the sound of calm wind through the window as a thick mist started creep in from the hallways floor. It filled the base of the room, and then I finally saw her. A very old woman floated in to the room, very slowly, her lower half was faded away, nonexistent much like the librarian in ghostbusters. She was a strange color of white mixed with a blue tint. She floated into the room, then turned and looked at my sister. She slowly moved closer to her until she was hovering over her bed looking down on her. She was wearing a very old dress, and had such distinct features it was crazy how much of her you could make out. I was frozen in fear staring at her as she looked at my sister. The fear grew when she stopped looking at her, then looked up at me. She saw that I was watching her. And with this she dispersed much like a puff of smoke from a cigarette does. The priest came in a few days later, did a cleansing room by room, and after this we didn’t really have any experience with her again, a few minor noises here and there but nothing severe. My parents told us about four or five years later that an old woman had died in that house…me and my sister were annoyed they did not tell us sooner. They had known since before we moved in, but did not acknowledge it for a few years. then we moved until ANOTHER haunted house, but I’ll save that story for another day as it in now 2:40 in the morning and I should attempt to sleep. Just felt like sharing my main encounter with the paranormal. Tell me yours as well?

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