Absurdly textbook chandelier floating around my neighbor’s dining room

Hey! So here’s my weird creepy experience you might enjoy. It’s the only proper “ghost-like” experience in my life, and for me it is that much more compelling because I sat next to my Mum as we watched it happen. I live in England.

It was dark, and I’d just got back from a visit to the cinema with my Mum, we’d pulled up and parked the car and we were just about to get out, when we saw something really bizarre in the house opposite. Right opposite from our house, and where we were facing in the car (our street is shaped weirdly) there is a big, really old house that looks like your classic tudor-style place with the black beams and the white painted walls. It’s a bit wonky, and it’s visibly older than all of the other buildings nearby. At least a few hundred years old.

This house was then occupied by a lovely elderly lady, she’s since downsized. That week she was out of town staying with her son, and she’d asked us to keep an eye on the house to make sure everything was as it should be, as it would be left empty whilst she was away. We’d never really been in the house, except for my Mum going over for a cup of tea with her in her garden once or twice.

Anyway, in the left hand side of the house, where we later discovered there was a dining room with table, we were sat in the car looking at a series of lit candles closeish to the ceiling, maybe 6-8 of them. It was through a kind of thin net curtain that did a good job of obscuring some of the details of the room, but there was depth and a flicker to the lights that made it unquestionable that these were candles. This was really weird as we knew this lady wasn’t in the house, and that it was supposed to be empty. All of the other lights were off in the house and there was no sign of a person inside. Besides, when does an elderly lady who lives alone, or an intruder light 6-8 of candles in the dark in her dining room? The only possibility was in the event of a powercut, but that is a stretch. All the other houses were fine.

We were actually laughing together at how weird it was, and then when they started moving we started swearing a bit instead. **I shit you not, the candles started floating around the room**, toward the right hand side of it and seemingly getting closer to the window at times. It was ridiculous, like something out of a haunted mansion in a theme park. We could see inside the room a little bit, and there was no hint of a person inside. The candles were fixed together, like they were attached to something, and we guessed it must have been a chandelier that we vaguely remembered seeing in that room through the net curtain.

I think we sat there for about 2-3 minutes just watching these candles float around in the dark, swearing and moving our heads around to make absolutely sure it wasn’t just a bunch of reflections. These days I would have been rabidly filming this, but it was a time before I had a smartphone with a camera worth anything. After a while we started to get really creeped out so we just got out of the car and went inside our house. I went out a bit later and had another good look at the house, and everything looked boring and normal again. Empty, dark, quiet.

This lady later came back from a lovely week at her son’s, asked us if everything was ok with the house and thanked us for keeping an eye on it. We didn’t mention this incident as we didn’t want to frighten her with some weird ghost story.

……..cut to maybe a month or two down the line and it was full-on winter, and our pipes had frozen at our house, so we had no running water. Her house was fine so I knocked on her door to see if we could have a few buckets. She led me in, led me to the sink, and I filled up. She left the door unlocked for me and wandered off to another part of the house, so I took the opportunity to have a look inside this room that is directly on the left when you open the door.

Sure enough our slightly blurred view behind the net had been right. There was a brownish dining table, and above it, a big, heavy looking black (cast iron?) chandelier. And the weirdest bit? It was on a hook. I could have walked right over to it and lifted this heavy thing off the hook, and floated it around the room. I got some chills! I couldn’t imagine a 90-odd year old lady being able to lift this thing.

Maybe there is a perfectly logical explanation for this, but I can’t explain it, and it sure was creepy. When I visit my Mum now I still have a little peek at that house in the hope I’ll see something else a bit weird. No luck yet.

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