after my best friend died, my phone went crazy…

I posted this as a comment, but this seems like a very open-minded community. Maybe somebody here can explain what the hell happened… I haven’t allowed myself to think about the events that I’m about to tell you in years. Resurfacing them gives me an anxious, almost haunted feeling.

Three years ago, my best friend took his life. Since I was the last person he had spoken to and since our relationship had always had a bit of a toxic nature, the police questioned me and searched my phone to see if I had somehow brought on his actions. They left me alone, and my mental health declined very very rapidly. So did my physical health.. I was essentially dying of a broken heart. My close friends and family saw this, and naturally blew up my phone. That’s when it started happening. That’s when the noises appeared, and I swear even thinking about them sends me into a panic.

My best friend had drowned himself. And after that, everytime I was on the phone even for a few seconds, the call would cut out like I lost signal and I swear I could hear what my brain interpreted as drowning sounds. I tried to contact my phone company, but they couldn’t find any reason or proof that it was happening. When I mentioned it to a friend, she had two ideas: either solar flares (which were happening around that time), or that law enforcement had tapped my phone line to see if I had somehow encouraged this even though I’d contacted them 2 times in 24 hours before he began threatening the safety of my family as well as himself. They only cared when it was too late.

ANYWAY, it kept happening and everytime I tried to make it happen around my mom, it didn’t. I started avoiding phone calls altogether, which isn’t a good idea after a major trauma because support is so important. So my very religious grandmother blessed my phone with holy water. It still happened for the few hours I had access to my phone before I was put in a mental hospital due to a suicide attempt. I find it important to note that I was not diagnosed with any sort of psychosis or hallucinations, but I was diagnosed with PTSD. I started antidepressants. And upon release, I slowly worked up the courage to call a therapist and start treatment. My phone didn’t make the noise. It was as if it had never happened.

I have replayed the events and tried to understand. I’ve considered that maybe I was a bit delusional and imagined the noises, but I swear they were very very real. I have tried to shrug it off as bad signal, but my phone works perfectly fine now. It has not happened since….

so what the hell was it?

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