An Evening’s Walk

Usually I keep my paranormal stories to myself as they’re usually either too difficult to put into words or too mundane for me to want to write out a big long paragraph about them. However, this was too strange and perplexing not to share.

I live near an old canal in Canada which ships passed through in order to get to the Great Lakes. Supposedly hundreds of workers died while building it and it’s thought surrounding areas are haunted. While I am a believer in ghosts, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to whip out a digital recorder or spirit box and demand answers without experiencing activity. On top of that, since it’s outside, that leaves a lot of contamination from the wind, rushing water, branches and plants moving, cars on nearby roads, you get the idea. I didn’t really think too much of paranormal activity going on until over time, I noticed strange things. Back in August while watching a meteor shower, I heard a woman’s laugh coming from the forest area bordering the canal. It was around one in the morning, I heard no other voices indicating it was someone with a group of people. In October, I was walking with one of my friends, Jordan, when he said he saw something tall, grey and human shaped stand up and move backwards into the foliage and out of site. While I thought it could’ve been a person, he said they appeared to be 8-9 feet tall. We’re both around 6 feet tall, he said whatever that grey thing was, it was certainly taller than us.

Months down the road, I didn’t think much about the weird things going on in the canal, I had other things on my mind usually. But yesterday, two of my friends offered me to walk down a path that runs along said canal. I agreed and it’s worth noting, where we walked was nowhere near where the previously mentioned things occurred.

We walked for a while, enjoying the sunset and the warm temperature. After a few minutes, we came up to a stone foundation of an old building now splattered with graffiti and chunks of broken brick, rocks and pieces of beer bottles littered the floor. There didn’t seem to be much to explore, it was just basically a large concrete slab on the ground with the remains of a crumbled wall.

While just looking around, we noticed a pungent odour. It was a very revolting scent that I was convinced must’ve been a dead animal only a few feet away. It was so distinct I could taste it in the back of my throat, I’m sure we’ve all smelled something that was strong you can taste it. Not to mention, my eyes watered a bit. We noticed a jacket laying amongst some tall grass immediately adjacent to the foundation, it wasn’t old fashioned or anything, nor did it appear to be out there a long time, no mud splotches or rips or tears in it. It was like someone took a perfectly good jacket and left it on the ground. The putrid smell seemed to be emanating off the jacket, so with morbid curiosity, I snatched a stick off the ground and poked the jacket once with it.

Here’s where it gets most mind boggling. As soon as the stick made connection with the jacket, the smell was gone. You know how like if you eat a pizza or something and a few minutes later you walk back into the room and the pizza smell is just faintly lingering? There was no smell hanging around here, it was completely gone. After prodding the jacket a bit more and lifting it up slightly, nothing seemed to be underneath.

I’m not just chalking up this scent to “yep this is 100% confirmed ghost” but I’m really trying to think of a good explanation for why all three of us smelled something so rancid and then in a moments time, it vanished.

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