Any ideas?

This happened when I was around ten. My parents had just fixed their relation ship and moved back in together. This was our old house and I used to have a lot of anxiety from constantly being paranoid so I would sometimes go to my parents room when I woke up at night( my dad used to go to work really early so he wouldnt be in the house ). one night I woke up and grabbed my blanket and started on my way to my parents room. When I opened my door I saw my parents door was open ( they usually leave it slightly open but I didnt think much of it because of my dad ). I got close to the room and noticed a black humanoid figure. The only distinguishable features It had was its long skinny fingers and grayish eyes. Everything else was black. It was looking at my mother sleeping. After me staring at it for a while without blinking it looked at me took a step and disappeared. I drew a sketch of what it looked like back then but I don’t know if I still have it. If I find it ill post the picture. Me and my family moved from that house now but it has nothing to do with that event. Any ideas or explanations?

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