Anybody have experiences with pets and the paranormal?

I lost my treasured Himalayan cat in July of last year from cancer and was pretty bereft. Still am. A few months after the fact, my boyfriend and I adopted a cat who attracted our attention at the shelter. I wanted a kitten but looking at the older cats, this particular cat who is a Russian Blue, tried to swipe at me from the cage and meowed up a storm. Like he was trying to get our attention. After a few visits, we settled on him and took him home. Funny thing is, the Russian Blue’s name was the same as my Himalayan’s when I got him. We never changed it. It was almost like it was fate.

Since being with us, the Russian Blue has been hanging out at certain spots in the house where our Himalayan would rest. For example, we have this Native American totem pole I got from my Aunt when my uncle passed of cancer and I don’t know if it signifies anything but right before the Himalayan passed, he would rest his chin on the base of the pole. Anyway, I have it at the front door and the Russian Blue will hang out there or stare down the hallway towards it. He’ll even stop abruptly and gaze at the ceiling yet there’s nothing there. No trick of the light, no bug.

Anyone else have similar experiences with their animals?

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