Balls of energy

Lately I’ve been answering questions on here, offering skepticism and identifying possible ghosts. I believe being back involved in the paranormal has kind of turned on the sensitive part in me again and had a peculiar situation yesterday night.

I was play a few video games to wind down and suddenly I see a tiny ball of light wiz by. It was probably the size of a small pea which came into my sight and disappeared within a few seconds. First I brushed it off but it kept happening. I’d say it kept happening every few mins for about half an hour. I kept brushing it off thinking it’s my imagination or perhaps some explainable situation. Like when your out of breath and you see those little lights around your eyes. About half way through I saw one manifest and come at my face which made me move out of the way. At this point I knew something was up, but figured just go brush it off. Not give it any attention.

So, I’m asking this community what you guys think it may be. I don’t believe in orbs in pictures cause it’s obviously out of focus dust or little insects. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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