Black hooded figure at the foot of their bed

All names here are substitutes so as to respect the privacy of all involved.

My boyfriend (Mike) and I recently moved into his family home while his mum is away for 6 months.
It’s great to have a house to ourselves instead of tiny, overpriced flat in the middle of London.

His sister’s (we’ll call her Sarah) going through a divorce and has two kids. Her ex is shitty and wants hardly anything to do with the kids. While they were together he wouldn’t let her have a job. So now she’s stuck raising two kids with an awful job being paid on commission.
Occasionally she’ll come and stay over on the odd Friday with her kids to have a little help and some time around adults.

One time, Sarah had put the kids to bed and fell asleep with them. Mike and I came up to bed an hour later and got settled in. Just before going to sleep, I really needed to use the bathroom. I headed to the bathroom, creeping around so as not to wake anyone.

The door to the room Sarah and her kids were sleeping in was left slightly ajar so I could see in. The bathroom door was right next to it. As I walked towards their door, I saw a tall, pointy-hooded figure all in black standing at the foot of their bed just watching them sleep.

I freaked out and ran into the bathroom. When I came out, their door was closed but I got some terrible vibes from that room.

Needless to say, I slept badly that night.
Ever since then, I can’t stand that room. The door to that room is right below the hatch to the attic, and sometimes I swear I can hear noises coming from both the attic and that room.

Maybe it was nothing and a trick of the eye, but it was certainly tangible and I have no doubt about what I saw.

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