It was suggested that I post this as a stand alone post.

My colleague and I had been having a discussion about the future of our school. Key to this discussion was a mutual rant about our Psychopathic principal.

After finishing our conversation, I returned to my classroom to work on a task she had dumped on my coworker and myself. WE had been talking about the priest who had founded our school and parish, and who supposedly haunted the rectory. I had never seen him. He died when I was small. I had ever been in the private quarters in the rectory, only in the office.

As I was working at my desk a, man came into my classroom near the door. He walked up to me and said,”Boo”. It was a monseignor in a full cassock, scarlet skullcap and scarlet sash. Shiny black shoes.

My friend ran into my classroom and asked me if I had seen something. She told me not to tell her, but, to come with her.

“I saw someone, too”.

We went across the street and she told the receptionist that she was giving me a tour of the rectory.

I a large private dining room, on the wall was a painting of the same man that said, “Boo”. The portrait was painted to commemorate his promotion to monseignor.

We had wondered if he had cared about the tough times happening at out school, and the completely cold and manipulative principal who was dragging it down.

I guess we got an answer.

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