Bummer. Hollywood Horror Museum Not Opening in 2017

Were you anxiously awaiting the news of the Hollywood Horror Museum’s grand opening? I was. The closer we’ve drawn to October, the more I kept expecting to see buzz about it. Like all the buzz I’ve been seeing for Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum.

Is It Open Yet?

I had it in my head that the Hollywood Horror Museum was due to open October 2017. Isn’t that what I wrote when I included it in the post about 7 Chilling Museums for HorrorAddicts.com’s Vile Vacations series?


What I wrote was that 2019 was the target date for a physical museum opening.

Although, I believe I got that info from the horror museum’s website. I don’t see anything about a 2019 opening now.

However, under the FAQs in the About Us section here’s what they have for the question “Where is your museum and can I visit?”

Our Hollywood Horror Museum world tour will be traveling the world beginning in 2017, as well as displays at horror and comic conventions. For the next five years, we will be touring to raise money for our permanent location in Los Angeles California. Visit Appearances and sign up on our email list.

Touring in 2018

Like they have done in 2016 and 2017, it appears they are planning to tour with the exhibit again in 2018.

At least that’s what the video on their home page suggests.

But as of yet there are no dates listed for 2018 under their Appearances section.

I’ll keep checking back, but I also signed up for their newsletter.

Hopefully one way or another I’ll figure out where they’ll be. If it’s someplace I can get to before they open the actual museum, I’d love to check out this exhibit! What about you?


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