Burned down bar / Bed & breakfast

Hi all!


Long time lurker here finally made an account to tell you my experience(s). Sorry for any spelling mistakes English is not my native language.


I start with one of my first experiences which happened when i was 13 me and my best friend were bored during summer holidays so we ended up at this bar / bed & breakfast place which burned down about a year ago…


To give you some details about the place the bar area was on the ground floor and it had a tragic accident happened where people died in the fire as they got locked in the bar and didn’t manage to escape the fire.
Inside you can see the walls and ceilings are black from the fire everything was pretty much left behind from that accident the owner closed his place instantly and left pretty much everything behind as is.


The bed & breakfast was upstairs it had maybe 7 rooms total and the upstairs part was completely intact aside from the burned smell which was throughout the whole building.


Now back to the start… We were young and we thought, hey let’s go in this place maybe we can scavenge something it was in bright daylight sun was shining so we ripped of one of the triplex boards that was covering every window and entered the main area which was the bar we could see everything pretty clear because the sun was shining in. Right away we both felt a cold breeze but we just ignored it and looked around half and saw burned down furniture bottles of booze still intact and we found coins on the floor and behind the bar so we were pretty excited of our finds and decided to go upstairs to see what more treasures were left behind. I went in front and half way up the stairs, it spirals to the left I stopped there at that point and felt something, but i didn’t want to let my friend know so he would think that I am a coward, so I brushed it off and walked upstairs into the hallway once we both stood there we could see the sun beams come underneath the doors left and right and there was 1 bedroom on the end of the hall straight in front of us.
We decided to go for that one about 3-4 footsteps in suddenly the light was fading away from underneat that door we stopped and just stood there seeing it go darker and darker until the end of the hall was pitch black it was so dark i never seen it before we kind of froze on the spot then we heard a loud footstep bang almost and it felt the darkness came towards us and it did we could see the light underneat the doors of the furthest left and right room go dark too and followed up by another footstep at that point we freaked out we ran downstairs we could hear it almost running after us but with heavy footsteps we got so scared that we didn’t even make the window we came through first we jumped as fast and hard we could against another boarded window to get out which thankfully happened the darkness never followed us out but we could hear it reaching downstairs while we got back up our feets and ran away.


Obviously we never went back to the place and they demolished it about half a year later.

Till today ( 17 years later) I still have no clue what this could have been and once in a while when we are meeting eachother this one still pops up and we can talk about it like it happened yesterday and by far this was my most bad/evil experience i ever felt while i had many more bad experiences after that.


If anyone have questions or had a similar experience or even maybe have a clue who or what this could have been… feel free to ask/share!

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