Calls from the dead

About 5 months ago a close family friend of ours died. She died young, in her early 30s, due to a mix of medical conditions and cancer. My mom was closest with her, and they chatted almost daily. It was hard for her when she passed, it was hard on our whole family. But eventually things got mostly back to the way they were, despite those hard days. Now I should say this isn’t my experience, but I saw the proof of it. The other night my mom was in bed early and got a call between 8-9pm (it’s on her phone but I don’t have the exact time with me). It was from our family members number, which she thought was weird because the parents got rid of her phone as they weren’t very close with her and had no reason to keep it for any other family members because they live alone. My mom was shocked and said she was scared to pick up but she did and she heard a soft voice say “hey, how’s Rodeo?”. That’s an inside joke, something they used to call my dad before I was born. My mom was speechless and scared so she hung up and blocked the number. However despite blocking the number, the same exact thing happened last night from the same number. Her name even came up again. When my mom first told me, I wrote it off as her being tired and as a mistake. But she opened her phone and showed me the call received from the family member and the time. We don’t know what to think, and I’m honestly worried about what it’s doing to her, spiritually and emotionally. My moms convinced it’s her “angel” but I don’t know, I feel weird about this. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be or what to do?


Today in the car with my mom I brought it up again. I didn’t want to scare her (or myself) so I was kinda joking about it and asking how much the call cost and all. She told me something she forgot last time. Apparently when she answered she heard some sort of music in the background. It was very soft she said but sounded really calming and like she knew it but couldn’t place it, as in she could never place it; she said it just gave her this weird feeling like she knows the song but it doesn’t have a name and it’s not one she’s heard ever played or anything if that makes sense? That’s the best she could describe it and being my mom I knew what she meant but I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand! But yeah she said the music played softly in the background and then the voice of her friend. She said it was louder the second time, like the music was more important than the voice in some way. She explained that it didn’t sound like a recording, there were different ways it was said both times and realizing that kind of opened her eyes that it may not be another human.
After I listened to all this, I read her some comments. I wanted to wait until after she said more because I’ve heard that reading other people’s experiences and comments can confuse “witnesses” (I watch too many crime YouTube videos sorry) from their original experience. She was interested and thankful for everyone’s comments, she asked me to thank you all and wish you all good luck in all our “spooky endeavors” as she called it!

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