Cave dwelling spirits

When I was in my early teens (early 80’s). Damn That makes me feel old. At the time, we lived in the Chattanooga TN area. One weekend I went with my church group to do some overnight spelunking in one of the area caves. Having gone into more commercialized caves in the past, this trip what not I had expected as this cave entrance was a small opening in a group of rocks on the side of a country road. No markers or signs. We hiked in for a few hours through some challenging terrain and slept overnight, then back out after breakfast. For a ~12 yr old boy it was a great adventure! Muddy, tight spaces to squeeze through, stalagmites, cave pools with blind fish… the works. There was about a dozen of us that went. All was well until we were told to hit the sack for the night. All flashlights were off and it was completely black as we were deep in the cave system.

Sometime during the night I awoke to someone pulling on the foot end of my sleeping back, dragging me deep into the black void. At first, I was annoyed more than anything as I thought someone was pranking me. I was also in the boy scouts as well. With that rambunctious group we were always pranking each other. I fumbled in my sleeping bag trying to find my flashlight to see who is doing this. Before I could find it, I realized I was speeding up. Next thing I know I was sliding out of control down a slick damp clay packed hill. I did whatever I could to stop… digging my fingers in, etc. but nothing. I eventually did stop when the hill flattened out. I finally found my flashlight and looked around. Everyone was fast asleep and any commotion I caused wasn’t noticed. No perpetrators were seen but I also discovered I was about a foot away from a very deep chasm. Had I gone over the edge of the hundred foot deep cliff, they would have never found me.

For the following 3 decades I wrote the whole thing off. Here’s a few possible reasons this happened…

Most likely – I picked a spot that was not as flat as I thought. I might have tossed and turned in my sleep and that activity could have been enough to kick start the potentially lethal slide.

Bat shit crazy theory – Yeas later I started watching paranormal shows and listening to paranormal podcasts. Some of the shows discussed some sort of deep earth creatures that want to keep us out of their domain. Then I had a “what if” moment… could it have been them? Was I attacked?

My question to the group is not ‘whether this could have happened ‘. Instead have you heard of any similar situations or stories like mine?

Before I completely write this off as a silly accident and overactive imagination I wanted to post this first.


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