Confusing Event

So, this happened at some point when I was in sixth grade. I woke up, and was in the hallway at my elementary school. The first person I saw was a teacher. Except I had never seen this person before. She had messy blue hair, and green eyes. “I hope to see you in my class soon,” She said, with a very gravely voice and walked away. I immediately felt uneasy about her. So I tried to leave. But my elementary schools principal (Ill call him Mr. John), stopped me. “Why arent you heading to class?” He asked. I didnt trust him either, but deciding that for the time being, it would be better to blend in, I told him “But I dont know which class to go to first.” “There are three classes. Stop, Slow, and Go. You may go to them in any order” He said, standing there.

Deciding I wasnt going to get past him any time soon, I went to the third door down the corridor. This class was Slow. The teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Satan Incarnate. Whom, is named as such because of the literal abuse and harassment I suffered from her daily. She didnt notice me as I sat down in my desk. As soon as I sat down, she started writing on the board. There were about five other kids in the class. Seeing a board, with the class names on it, I wrote it down, despite knowing that I probably wouldnt be able to remember once I woke up. Soon, Satan Incarnate gave me a liturature assignment. As soon as I was done, I headed to the next class, Go. But on my way, I saw the blue haired teacher and Mr. John talking. As soon as they saw me, the blue haired teacher stopped me. “Youre going to have so much fun in my class,” She said. I dont remember much about what happened in the Go class, other than it being run by my second grade teacher, who Im calling Mrs. German.

After that class, the hall was completely empty. So, I went to the door at the end of the hallway, where the staircase shouldve been. It was locked. I thought about the vent, but before I could, Mr. John stopped me. “Where do you think youre going? You havent attended all your classes yet,” He said. I tried to think of some excuse, but he forced me to follow him, back to the third class. Frantically, I tried to snap myself awake, when I discovered I could feel pain. So I started to try and get away, but he wouldnt let me leave. So, I went, and sat down. There were seven other kids here. I had never seen this classroom in my life. The wall that shouldve been facing outside had windows lining it. There were plants beneath a few of them. The back had cupboards, like a typical science classroom. There were also two person desks. Two columns, five rows. At least two of those desks were completely empty.

As soon as I sat down, the blue haired teacher walked in. “Okay class. Today we will talk about the ecosystem,” She said, in her creepy tone. She put on one of those movies, with the dull voice. It was about fish. I went into a frenzy at the sight of her, desperately trying to snap myself back. Eventually, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was laying in bed, sideways. It was six fourty five, unusual since I had a hard time getting up before seven thirty. “Oh! Youre already up?” My grandmother said. Dont mistake this for sweetness. Shes really Satan in an overcoat pretending to be a sweet middle aged lady. I was super confused, of course, upon waking up. But I remembered everything. I never woke up in that place again, nor found out the purpose of the stop classroom, but I never forgot this experience. Can anybody tell me whether they went through something similar, or what exactly happened to me? Id appreciate it, thanks.

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