Do you think that certain life experiences “activate” distant memories from your various past lifes?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Here’s my story (it might be chaotic, I struggled to write down all these thoughts and all of that in foreign language :P):

I remember that for quite a long time I was obsessed with England during 19th century, felt very nostalgic about it and I still believe I had very good life back then. Maybe it was triggered by books “Secret Garden”, “Little Princess” and a book written by Polish author about a girl from the 60’s who travels back in time to 19th century. This nostalgia feeling still comes back in foggy weather and especially when I smell smoke from coal 😛

Then, after watching “Memories of Geisha” (I don’t remember the title in English, so I could’ve written it wrong) I was very touched by it, the whole atmosphere etc, the same happened after “Last Samurai”. What’s more surprising, my BROTHER is obsessed with medieval Japan to the point that his whole flat is decorated in Japanese style :O and we’ve never lived together, so it’s impossible that I was influenced by him. I tried past life regression and I don’t know how real it is, but the only thing I “saw” during that regression was me as a very old lady, lying on that Japanese floor bed, with my family being in other room.

I’m in my 20’s, but I could sit all day and watch Polish movies and series (I’m Polish btw) from the 70’s and 80’s. Since I was a kid I loved to take family photo albums, sit and look at the photos. When I discovered a box full of black and white photos, all from 50’s-80’s, I spent all day looking at them. Some songs from that period made me cry when I heard them for the first time, I get very emotional when I hear them. And I really spent lots of time wondering whom from my family might I have been in my previous life, because I’m 100% sure I was already living in Poland. I don’t have any clues and I know it will sound funny, but – I think I might have been my dad’s beloved dog that he owned when he was young (which would be that 70’s-80’s period) 😀 It’s ridiculous, I know, but – his previous wife and her mother, with whom and with this dog he lived, they were always super kind and loving to me and when I visited them I felt like I was home, although I didn’t know them very well and seen them only few times in a year. And I sniff everything that I’m going to eat, but I don’t know if that means anything 😛

And I remember that when I was 5 or 6 and was watching ducks in water, I suddenly thought “How do they know that they are ducks? How do I know that I’m human? Why am I human now, why not a duck or something else? Whose decision is that?”. I remember looking at my hands, my arms and wondering how it happened that I’m human and not some animal… And I didn’t know anything about the concept of reincarnation or religion at all (my family is not very religious).

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