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Indiana-based evangelist and pastor Paul Begley fears the July 13 partial solar will have dire occult ramifications for the world.

The controversial conspiracy theorist claimed demonic forces will be in play when the moon passes in front of the sun tomorrow.

During a one hour and 54 minute-long sermon on the topic of Friday the 13th and the partial solar eclipse the pastor said the eclipse will pass over Tasmania, Australia, and Antarctica.

He said: “Coming up this Friday the 13th will be a partial solar eclipse. That’s right.

“As I was telling you guys a week or so ago, this Blood Moon that’s approaching on July 27 – before it gets here you have a partial solar eclipse which will be over Tasmania.

“You’ve heard of the Tasmanian Devil, well demonic forces will be at play because this is a Friday the 13th partial solar eclipse.”

The partial solar eclipse will pass over the South Pacific and India Ocean, peaking over the icy landscape of Antarctica.

Very limited parts of the eclipse will be visible along the southern coastline of Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian island of Tasmania will get the best view of the eclipse, seeing about 10 percent of coverage.

Astronomy experts at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have calculated the greatest eclipse will occur around 3am UTC or 1pm local time.

Mr Begley has made numerous false predictions about similar astronomical events in the past – none of which have come to pass.

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The doomsday preacher claimed earlier this month the upcoming .

He was also involved in the January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon end of the world scare, which he interpreted as a sign of the end times.

The pastor said the Blood Moon was foretold in the Biblical Book of Joel, Book of Revelation and Acts.

Pastor Begley now claimed: “This Friday the 13th the partial solar eclipse is really limited to the people of Tasmania and you have heard of the Tasmanian Devil.

“Well I’m telling you the demon forces will be out on Friday the 13th.

“It’s also a very high Satanic ritual day.”

The Biblical conspiracist said the Devil supposedly “wants to get in on the act” of dark forces converging during the eclipse.

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