What to Know Before You Visit a Ghostly Site

This is a guest contribution from Michelle Maxwell.

Visiting a locale with a notably haunted past is an exciting experience (for better and for worse, depending on your stamina). Whether it’s an historic site, castle, private home, or city at large, paranormally lively places are a fascinating sojourn into the seductive unknown.

Various spots around the world receive high volumes of visitor traffic every year, but how many ghost-hunting spectators know (or care) to treat such surroundings with respect, as well as protect themselves from potentially harmful entities?

Even sites with heavy human foot traffic can still vibrate with otherworldly energy; such matter doesn’t die, no matter how much time has passed and how many human hands have altered the scenery. Many paranormal museums and warn guests ahead of time in matters of decorum, but it’s rare; all too often we’re left to our own devices in areas that call for higher awareness.

So what are some things to know before visiting a haunted spot? What can you do to ward off negative influences and ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones?

1. Know The History

Most of us have heard the old saying, “knowledge is power,” and this is especially true in regards to the paranormal. Reading up on and understanding the history of a place before you visit doesn’t just apply to haunted venues, but to travel in general. Getting a feel for the local culture and past events will help familiarize you with the area, as well as alleviate feelings of alienation or “otherness.”

For example, if you know you’re planning to visit a notoriously haunted castle, wouldn’t you want to research the former inhabitants, learn their names and the casualties that befell them? In doing so you can not only address such entities before entering, thus showing deference as a guest, but eliminate fear in favor of empathy.

People tend to report frightening or unexplainable experiences out of confusion or lack of foreknowledge, and this can easily be remedied with a proper–and prior–introduction.

2. Protect Yourself

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, we are all susceptible to its effects. Even the most staunch non believers have been known to flee the scene of a haunted site claiming everything from bodily harm to feelings of overwhelming doom. The good news is, a few simple precautions and implements can boost your own positivity and protection.

The easiest first step is to arm yourself with a few potent stones. A wide variety of precious stones are known for their protective powers, such as agate to ward off psychic attacks, garnet for inducing courage, jade for banishing resentful spirits, jasper for banishing shadow people, onyx to prevent an entity from attaching itself to you, and turquoise for a good all-around defense.

Selenite is a particularly popular stone with psychic workers, as it forms a kind of protective shield around its wearer, while black tourmaline is also an indispensable ward against all forms of toxic energy, corporeal and spiritual. All of the above stones can be purchased in pocket-friendly sizes, as well as attractive jewelry renderings.

Before entering a space with spiritual activity, it’s important to show some kind of acknowledgement of your trespassing. Nothing upsets an ethereal inhabitant like an unwelcome guest, particularly a rude one, so give a nod before entering the space, maybe say a little prayer in thanks, or even leave a small offering if permissible. Any of or all of the above will put you in good favor with your ghostly host.

3. Monitor Your Gadgets

Of course you’ll want to take pictures of your haunted excursion, maybe even record some video footage, and why not? Haunted or no, certain destinations are too incredible not to capture and share with the rest of the world. Just make sure you ask permission first, as some artifacts and pieces of art may be delicate or sensitive to camera flashes.

If you enter a particular room or spot where the energy seems hostile or stand-offish, snap a shot or two at most and move one. While the jury is still out on whether an entity can imprint itself on a gadget or image, why take the risk? And if you are visiting a sacred or holy site, absolutely ask before snapping away.

4. What Do The Psychics Have To Say?

If the site you’re visiting is famed for its paranormal sightings, it’s likely that a professional psychic has visited, if not several. What insights did they reveal? What were their impressions? Sometimes knowing what to expect, what areas to possibly avoid or exercise caution in, and otherwise getting a psychic perspective can prepare you for the best and likewise help you navigate the uncertain.

5. Mind Your Manners

While this is briefly mentioned above, it’s important to reiterate the necessity of acting with dignity and respect on hallowed and haunted ground alike. Mocking and/or marring the surroundings, touching things without permission, or “taunting” the spiritual inhabitants is a

surefire way to get in some serious trouble on this side and the other. There are countless tales of visitors in certain locales who suffered some nasty repercussions on account of bad behavior, so be mindful not to add your own name to the list.

If you are traveling with small children, speak with them ahead of time about suitable behavior. You don’t have to use scare tactics or share any grisly details, but let them know the history of the spot they’re visiting, that real people inhabited the space and deserve a friendly show of courtesy.

6. Protect Yourself

Ghost hunters and psychic specialists alike understand the importance of fortifying themselves before entering a spiritual setting, and showing polite deference while acquainting themselves with the interior and inhabitants. Doing so certainly doesn’t diminish their experience, and the same applies to your own.

Closing Thoughts

Visiting a reportedly haunted site can be an unforgettable adventure, and a rare chance to gain an understanding of the mysterious unknown. can go a long way in turning an afternoon (or nighttime) excursion into a lifelong and rewarding passion.

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