Elementary Students Create Zombie Cat, Advance to National Science Fair

Did you hear about the students at Pranktown Elementary in Chicanery, Tennessee who created a zombie cat for their science fair project?

Students in Ms. April’s fourth grade class love all things zombies. So much so that they set out to create one of their very own.

It all started as a way to bolster the spirits of one of their fellow students. One of the little girls in the class, Mala R. Key, was sad after her new kitten unexpectedly passed away.

The science fair was fast approaching. The kids were nuts about anything zombie.

“What if we tried bringing her cat back to life for her?” they asked their teacher. “That could be our class project!”

“I thought it was sweet that they wanted to cheer up one of their classmates,” Ms. April was quoted as saying in the local paper. “It seemed like a great class project, if nothing else for the camaraderie they were demonstrating. And they were all so enthusiastic about it. I never thought in a million years they’d actually be able to do it, though.”

But the students in Ms. A’s class may have a bit of advantage, especially in the science smarts department.

You see, Chicanery is situated in Eastern Tennessee, not far from Oak Ridge and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where many of their parents work in high-level science positions.

The parents all swear they gave no help to their children whatsoever (except for maybe passing on some prime genes), and that they were just as surprised as anyone when the kids found a way to actually bring the kitten back to life.

The students will now advance to the national competition, where they’ll face stiff competition from kids like Justin Fun who created a seaweed monster, and Harmless Hokum who created a vampire  doll.


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Happy April Fool’s Day!


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