Encounters straight out of paranormal activity

My question is why some people seem to have more paranormal encounters than others? I’m wondering because of the many unexplained things I’ve seen/encountered in my parents home. A quick backstory of where I experienced everything. My parents built a home in the 90’s, so they’re the only people to live in this house. Fast forward to when I’ve began to notice things. I was 13 when my grandfather passed who lived with us for his final 7 years. I enter the computer room which has a rocking chair with a blanket draped over the back. As I turned on the light the chair was rocking very fast to the point the blanket looked as if it were about to fall of the chair, as quickly as it started it stopped. I went upstairs thinking I was seeing things and ignored it until the next day. I then told my younger brother about this and he answers he saw the exact same thing days before along with with his friend. I never had an encounter for years after but recently things seemed to have picked up. My brother and I were alone in the home sitting on our computers around noon one day when we we hear a loud crash downstairs. We live in rural area with only 4 houses within a quarter mile of us so it couldnt have been a neighboring house. We come down to find two pictures, thermostat cover and the nails that hold the pictures on the wall in a pile in the living room. Where they were placed they would of had to go 6 feet before entering the living room and take a 90 degree turn. Within the past month my brother and his gf walked into the house in the afternoon with his gf walking ahead of him a few feet, he hears her scream and comes in to ask whats wrong. She said there was an old man sitting in the chair in the kitchen. There was nobody home at the time but them. Is it my grandfather that is doing these things or are there completely reasonable answers to these encounters. I’m not one who goes looking for these things since it terrifies me when it happens but they seem to find me.

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