Events that I’ve had in my dad’s house the last 12 months

I moved into my dad’s house about a year ago because my mom passed away from cancer. When I moved in, I didn’t feel, hear or see anything but after few weeks, myself and my dad heard a man’s voice saying “Hello” which sounded like my sister’s bf at the time so we checked if he was here but he wasn’t so felt kinda shocked that I just heard that but at the same time I felt safe.

Around December my dad and his GF go away for a week or so and I’m left home alone with my sister who works until 11 pm. In the day I broke my tv remote on the floor so there are pieces of plastic so I go clean that up and around 11 pm on the night, I’m sitting on my computer playing video games and a piece of plastic is thrown at my keyboard and I’m just like WTF in my head and I just put some tv on and shut my door and bring my dog upstairs.

The third time something happened it freaked me out because I thought someone broke into the house. I was just going to sleep when I heard the kitchen chairs move like someone was sitting down and I checked if everyone was upstairs which they were so me and my sister went down to investigate and found nothing.

This event freaked me and my sister out so much we were ready to just sleep in the car. we just put our dog to bed but he would just keep barking but at the same time we could hear tapping coming from the glass door but it was outside the door so it wasn’t him making the noise so we were little freaked out as we both know dogs can sense stuff and then his barking turned into crying like something was hurting him and then we heard massive bang in my room and we were so scared both of us were ready to just leave.

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