Explore Africa’s Haunted Cities for the Holiday of a Lifetime

This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Sally Writes.

Africa has to be the ultimate destination for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you want to explore unique cultural history, go on safari to encounter the big five or simply laze around on a sun-kissed beach, nothing can beat an African adventure. But not everyone realizes that there is plenty to experience for fans of the paranormal too.

Many of Africa’s most famous and picturesque locations have a violent and brutal history that can be difficult to reconcile with what you will see in the 21st century. Yet there are some echoes from the past that refuse to stay buried and continue to resonate through to the present day.

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

South Africa’s oldest building which is still in everyday use is the Castle of Good Hope, just outside of Cape Town. Built in the 17th century, it was originally used as a replenishment station for passing ships, and has been the site of several paranormal encounters over the years.

The apparition of a tall gentleman has been seen walking the ramparts several times over the years. Strangely, he was first seen in 1915, then disappeared till 1947, when several people spotted him over the space of two weeks. Witnesses saw him patrolling the ramparts then suddenly jumping off the side of one of the castle walls.

Another famous resident is the Lady in Grey. Numerous people have encountered her running through the castle and crying hysterically with her hands over her face. However, during recent excavations, a woman’s body was found and removed, and the Lady in Grey has not been seen since.

And finally, there is the strange story of the soldier who was found hanging from the rope in the bell tower in the 18th century. After this tragic event, the tower was permanently sealed off. Yet on odd occasions, the bell still strikes of its own accord.

Baron’s Palace, Cairo

At the opposite end of Africa, in Egypt, Cairo is one of the most historic cities in the civilized world, so it is not surprising that it has its fair share of haunted locations.

Perhaps the most famous is the long-deserted Baron’s Palace of Heliopolis, which has been the scene of many strange encounters and rumors. Locals believe that the place is haunted by the Baron’s sister, Helena, who fell from a balcony to her death in suspicious circumstances.

It has also been suggested that the Baron’s daughter Miriam was found dead in the basement.

These are just two of the legends associated with the palace, and locals are downright terrified of the place. Many have reported sightings of ghostly figures roaming the building at night, while others say they have seen lights and heard music, as if there were some kind of party going on, when there is actually nobody there.

Photo Credit: “Cape Town, South Africa” by David East from Unsplash

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