Federal Legislation Proposes Mandatory Creepy Clown for Every Town

You know all those creepy clown sightings from last year? Next week Congress will be introducing new legislation to help combat the epidemic.

Congressman T. F. Hokum from Austin proposed the bill, which reads in part:

By making it mandatory that every city in the U.S. has a creepy clown, its citizens can be better protected. They will know exactly what their clown looks like. Any other clowns stalking about will be subject to fines and felony incarceration.

No word yet on how steep the fines would be, but felony incarceration? Ouch. That’s minimum one year in prison. Just for dressing like a clown?

Not sure it would discourage people from dressing up, though. There may just be a bunch of clone clowns running around then.

However, maybe that’s the point? The whole concept of dressing up like a creepy clown allows people the freedom to interpret scary in their own unique way. But by making it a One Size Fits All, that takes away the shock value and novelty.

Although, that brings up another interesting point. Freedom. All of this might encroach on some kind of Constitutional right.

Also unclear is how cities will determine what their creepy clown will look like. Or be called. Maybe they’ll have design and naming contests?

What do you think? Would you feel better if you knew what your town’s clown already looked like? Any idea what you’d like it to look like? And what about a name? Any ideas on what you’d like to see it called?

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