First time sleep paralysis

I remember the first time I had sleep paralysis…

I was in my senior year of high school, and I lived in a tiny house with one of my older brothers, and my parents. It was only a 2 bedroom house, so my “bedroom” was out in the living room. My bed was on the side next to the couch. I didn’t mind it. The mattress was a spring mattress so if you jump on it or something, you can hear the springs and crap.

Anyways, one morning I wake up and my brother and dad are gone. Only my mom and I were home. I remember the sunlight coming in through the living room and that it was about 11 am or so. I went to the bathroom and saw that my mother was still sleeping. Me being lazy, decided to hop back into bed and enjoy the quietness.

I kid you not, but after I got all comfy and crap, I heard my bed springs and felt something jump on the end of my bed. Before I could even react, I felt immense pressure on my body and could not move. My eyes were closed shut and it was a bit difficult to breathe. It felt like it lasted forever. I remember I kept thinking, “didn’t this shit only happen at night, why is it happening in such broad daylight..”

After a while, who knows how long, I finally felt the pressure get off and opened my eyes.. I saw nothing..thank god. I ran to my mom’s bedroom and curled up with her crying and telling her what had happened. I will never forget the sound and feeling I had when I felt something jump onto my bed…in broad daylight..

*ps. I’ve had multiple occurrences (haunting dreams) before and after this incident, but this was my first actual “sleep paralysis.”

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