First & Unexpected Live Exorcism

Yesterday afternoon my friend texted me about a scary experience she had the night before. She went to meditate when suddenly, and for the first time ever, she felt an unfriendly energy shaking her. She went to verbally call-out for help (from angels and guides) and found not only couldn’t she remember the names of any of her protectors that she knows and calls-on often, she also couldn’t speak; she tried to but she couldn’t control her mouth or voice enough to even form any words. It only lasted about 5-6 seconds, and she tried to just shake it off and go to sleep after, but then she noticed she was having very intrusive and disturbing thoughts. She got up and smudged everything and was finally able to get some peace and go to sleep.

She texted me the next day and asked if I could get a read on the energy that attacked her. My wife and I invited her over to dinner to make sure she was doing ok and to talk about it. After dinner we all came up with the bright idea of meditating together to see what we might individually feel about her experience and the energy, to compare notes after.

Now, when I go to do any distance work, including all my exorcisms to date, I have a whole ritual I run through before I even start that is designed to make sure I’m balanced, connected, and protected; however, when meditating in person with friends, my tendency is to connect with all the people in the room first so I can help balance their energy too.

So we all sit quietly, close our eyes, I go to connect with my wife and friend, and immediately I feel an energy come off my friend and go into me. Surprise!! I can’t say it felt dark, but it did feel very heavy and stifling. I tried to go into my distance routine of calling on my team, and smiled when I couldn’t remember any of their names. I knew I knew them, but my mind was somehow being held from “saying” them. I switched quickly to plan B, and visualized All Divine Beings surrounding this entity with light, love, and even laughter, embracing and inviting it to see the light and to move onward in mercy.

It felt a lot like a surprise party, where you could be having the worst day, but then you are met with an overwhelming and sudden outpouring of love, friendship, and well-wishes. Had the spirit refused this outpouring, I would have been surprised again. It opened to it and enjoyed it for about 3 minutes, before moving onward. Beautiful ending…for the most part.

After, we all compared notes. My friend, who remembered to protect herself before beginning, had a wonderful experience where she immediately felt lighter (wonder why) and then felt uplifted. My wife, who didn’t remember to do any special protections, even though I reminded them right before (I didn’t listen either), found herself going back and forth in her mind between peace and darkness where she finally got exhausted and curled up into a ball. We were all able to balance-out and recover after it was over, and then laughed about what a bunch of amateurs we were.

No harm, no foul, good lessons learned.

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