follow up on the haunted dorm room

Hi, so I recently posted a few weeks ago a post about my dorm room and building potentially is being haunted.

Two nights ago I had a high schooler come shadow me for a day and spend the night in my room in order to get the “college” experience.
The next morning when we wake up and I am about to take him back to our school’s main building for him to be picked up he tells me that he felt weird sleeping in that room with me.

He tells me that the entire time he was laying in bed (I gave him my bed to sleep on and I slept on my futon) he said that he felt that he was being watched the entire night and that he was very uncomfortable trying to fall asleep. I also locked the bathroom doorlock as well as my door at night too as well, as I do every night, and when I woke up the door was wide open but this could also have been him waking up to pee at night but I never did get a chance to ask him.

So I am pretty sure I am not the only person residing in this room now…

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