Friend needs help urgently

So I met this guy on Xbox Live today and he said he was experiencing a haunting in his house. He told the party and I that when he wakes up he would hear a woman voice singing a sort of lullaby to him. He also said he could see Orbs around his house. I couldn’t pick up everything the guys were saying in the party due to my game being quite loud but at one point one of the guys said that the spirit may be a level 6 spirit. Now I have no clue what that means but the guy explained that the spirit could cut out my friend intestines during his sleep. We kept pressing my friend for answers and eventually he told us that he used a Ouija board and forgot to say goodbye at the end and threw it in the trash. So far my friend has contacted his priest and is planning on lighting sage and incense in his house. If anyone knows anything that could help him please tell me ASAP because I’m genuinely worried about this guy.

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