Ghost adventures Demon House

I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences. I watched about half of the show the other night. I found it mildly creepy but I had to stop watching it. I was watching it in the bedroom and it was probably around 12:30 am and noticed one of my dogs was acting strangely. She kept poking her head in the hallway bathroom. She acted like she was scared to go all the way in. My bed faces the door and I can see the entrance to the bathroom. My partner was in the office which is one door down from the hallway bathroom. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just got a creepy feeling so I shut it off. I’ve had weird things happen while watching paranormal shows in the past but not to the degree that I need to stop watching altogether

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How a possesssion turned a skeptic to a believer.

Maybe a sign maybe not