Ghost DNA: Do You Have It?

Since everyone dies, why aren’t there more ghosts? You’d think there would be, right?

It’s a question many paranormal skeptics often ask.

“We all die, so why don’t we all become ghosts?”

That’s a question DNA researchers at Pickwickian University in England also had –and have apparently also spent the last few years researching.

Their conclusion? The answer may lie in our genes.

“Just as some people are predisposed to certain genetic traits, like having red hair versus brown, or blue eyes rather than hazel, it seems our genes also determine whether we will materialize after death,” says lead scientist Dr. Gene Pool.

Say what?

The Research

How in the world did they even research this?

Here’s what Dr. Pool had to say about that:

“Working on a theory that it must be the deceased themselves that hold the key, we researched the most well documented haunted houses in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S. and their past residents. Then we traced their ancestry to find their living relatives. We studied their DNA and compared it to DNA in a test group of subjects with no known ghosts among their ancestors. What we found was that the Ghost Group had a mutation our test group did not.”

Get Tested

Want to know if your DNA tests positive for the ghost gene? You may soon be able to.

Popular DNA ancestry sites like and 23 and Me have plans to incorporate them into their tests.

People who have already used these services will automatically get results once the test is utilized by the companies.

Got It?

In case you didn’t already suspect, this is an April Fool’s Day joke post.

Still, if such a gene existed, would you want to know if you had it?

Are you related to a ghost? (That you know of?)





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