Ghostly Piano

This happened several years ago, but is my one and only reason why I do believe that there’s something else there.

I was in Savannah, Georgia, a city which loves to profess it’s haunted nature. Working in the tourist industry hardened me to the ‘unbelievable’ things that happened to people as they walked around downtown, because I knew that it was all just for the money.

On a balmy spring day, just as the days were getting too hot to function, a close friend invited me to spend the night with her at her bed and breakfast on one of the islands, as the only guest they were supposed to have cancelled, and the owner of the house was out of town and needed her to watch over the house.

This house was absolutely stunning, and had been built in the mid 1700’s – a large, wraparound porch, a gleaming kitchen, incredibly high ceilings, a beautiful carport, and all surrounded by live oaks covered with spanish moss. They sold out during holidays, and even a weekday night in their off season they charged nearly a hundred a night.

My friend, We’ll call AAA, and the guy I was seeing, we’ll call MMM, had the house to ourselves for the entire evening, unless someone showed up unnanounced.

We got there around noon, and explored the house a bit. There was a gorgeous grand piano in the dining room, which we were told was there from when they built the house.

We three had gone into the master bedroom, above the dining room and kitchen, and were just lounging about talking. The doors and windows were all open, letting the breeze run through the house (since there was no central heating/air, just window units), when MMM decided to go make us lunch – this was about two in the afternoon.

He had left for about 30 minutes, when we heard this absolutely beautiful singing, accompanied by lovely delicate piano playing – I looked at AAA, and mouthed “Wow”, and we commented to each other that we both didn’t know he could play the piano so well. We debated going downstairs to listen but instead stayed where we were, just listening and waiting for us.

About 10 minutes went by, before we started to get antsy, because we were both hungry. We went down into the kitchen, and MMM was right outside, smoking a cigarette. We complimented him on the singing – to which he said he didn’t know what we were talking about.

Me and AAA looked at each other, puzzled, and explained what we had heard to him. He claimed he didn’t even touch the piano, and didn’t hear anything. We went to the piano, and the cover was still firmly in place, untouched.

Because of this, we decided to just go and smoke ourselves out while talking about the supernatural and paranormal, because while it wasnt a scary event, we were still shaken.

AAA did alittle research, trying to find some connection about the history of the house. If I remember correctly, the owner previous was a member of the Savannah Philharmonic, and a piano teacher. She died in the house after falling and breaking her hip, found by her family weeks later when the electric company complained about a late bill.

AAA said that she heard the piano several times after that, when she was alone in the house during the middle of the day.

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