“Ghosts” are afraid of me

I’m not the most spiritual person by any stretch, however, I’ve had a lot of weird experiences. I grew up living in front of a cemetery, and saw some stuff. Usually benign spirits doing whatever they do, some sounds from a cattle watering hole behind the cemetery, and three alien encounters. One when I was 8 from across the street from my friend’s house where he and I saw a landing which was confirmed by his neighbors, one at 15 when there was a landing in my yard, (confirmed by two neighbors, different creatures than the first) and the last at 23 which I admit could have been an extremely vivid dream due to some odd details.

In my 30s, I met a girl who was far more spiritual than me and felt a negative force in my apartment. She ended up moving in and told me the felt safe when I was there because whatever was there was afraid of me and to a lesser degree, my cat. She had someone who knew more about all of this come over and he confirmed that whatever was there feared me and my cat. (One of my cats, it only feared the one.)

I ended up moving out and something started tormenting her almost immediately, where I had something near a cemetery throw my phone from my pocket as I biked by. I had opened up a lot at this point and realized I’m an empathetically, and felt something essentially run away in fear as I picked up my cracked phone. I felt that fear every time I passed that cemetery after that.

My biggest question is, if someone I know has issues with malevolent spirits, would I be a good option to, I dunno, be boisterous against it and Chase it off? I wouldn’t be seeking payment because I have a real-people job, I just want to help.

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