Ghosts captured on film

Anyone ever capture a ghost on film or know of someone who has?

I know of a couple of instances from people I’ve known. One older lady said that her husband used to sleep walk around their house late at night. They’ve had some strange things happen in the house and thought it might be haunted. Well one night the husband is sleep walking and he picks up their camera off the kitchen counter and starts snapping random pictures around the house. The next day they find the camera on the sofa and start looking through the pictures. They laugh because most of them are just blurry images of sofa cushions, the tv, kitchen sink, but one picture makes them stop laughing. It’s a picture taken down their long hallway and standing there in the darkness appears to be the blurry but still decipherable image of a human head. It’s floating there, eyes shrunken, skin pale as if in decomposition. She showed me the photo and it was disturbing to say the least.

Another instance I heard from a friend. He worked security at fuel distribution facility and there was an out of state contractor visiting for a couple weeks to make some technical upgrades.

My friend started his security shift in the early evening and worked through until the next morning, normally as he started his shift the contractor was just finishing up and they’d chat for a bit and before long they were friendly. One night my friend is on duty, sitting in his security booth and he sees headlights as a car turns into the parking lot. It’s odd because there’s usually no visitors during the night. To his surprise at 2am his new contractor friend has decided to come in. The contractor is dressed in sweat pants, a wrinkled t-shirt and sandals with a dazed look on his face.

My friend asks him what’s up and the guy says, “Man I just had something really weird happen and since I don’t know anyone here I didn’t know where to go. I was asleep in my motel room and I kept hearing thus rustling sound, I’d turn on the light and there’d be nothing there. I checked the door and window and they were both locked so I tried to go back to sleep. Then a few min later I’d hear this rustling like someone was going through my stuff. I’d turn on the light and nothing. Finally I took out my phone and with the flash on I snapped a picture in the dark. Then I looked at the pic.”

He then hands his phone over which has a photo showing an economy motel room with a woman standing at the foot of the bed. She’s wearing a full length old style dress that buttons up to neck, her hair is pulled back tightly in a bun and there’s a shaw around her shoulders.

My guard friend says, “who’s the lady?”

The contractor says, “Who the hell indeed? There was no one in my room and as soon as I looked at the picture I bolted out of the bed and turned on the lights and the place was empty. I was so freaked I just put on some sandals and left.”

The contractor stayed there until dawn and then went back to his motel where he quickly gathered his things and checked out.

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