Great Grandmothers Ghost and the Three Day Rule

So growing up my mom and my great grandmother always told me that when a person passes away, you can’t enter their place of rest for three days so that they can gather any possessions and move on. Not entirely sure the significance of three days, but that’s what I was always told.

When I was about 14 my great grandmother passed away in the middle of the night. Well my mother was raised by her and not her actual mother, so she couldn’t stand seeing the room after her passing so she would shut the door to where it would click shut, and on top of that it was kind of a sticky door once actually shut.

I’m not sure if it was exactly three days or not, but for the first few days after she passed away her door would open on it own and we all believed it was because she hated her door being shut. We would also hear creaking from her room similar to the sound of her wheel chair rolling across the floor. After those few days it mostly stopped and a few month later lucky me got to move into her room, I had the door taken off and spent the rest of my teens with a curtain for a door lol.

I say mostly stopped because I had two weird things happen to me when living in that room. I found what looked like chewing tobacco spit on my Wii controller and what smelled like rubbing alcohol all over my room. My great grandmother had a nasty habit of chewing tobacco and spitting it into an old aluminum Folgers can, and she used a lot of rubbing alcohol for I believe arthritis.

Other than those few things, I never had an experience again in that house that I felt connected to my great grandmother. I did have once experience totally unconnected to her before she passed away, but that’s for another story.

I just wanted to share my experience and see what people thought, and I also just miss her to be honest.

Thanks to reading!

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been on my mind for quite some time

My grandmother took a picture of her mother’s ghost. Story and pic in comments