Half Priced Books, Tacoma, Washington.

Every spring I clean out my bookshelves and make a trip to Half Priced Books to offload what I’ve read and have no further use for. Last spring during this annual purge, we dropped books off at the back counter and started perusing new texts to take home. I was walking down the very first aisle, just past their art section, when a novel flew off the bookcase in front of me.

The novels, mind you, were all snuggly tucked together. The store has to be frugal with shelf space. The book did not just carelessly fall to the floor like it was poorly balanced either. It launched about a good 8 inches forward then began downward descent. A gent nearby saw what happened as I picked up the book and put it back. His face turned a bit pale as I smiled and said, “I guess either the local ghost here loves or hates this book. It’s not my genre though.”

I believe it was a fictional novel about vampires, but by the time I had returned home the title was lost in my brain abyss. We returned to the store again today, and again with our annual collection of books to be purged. Nothing flew off the shelves today. Perhaps the local ghost was attached to something in the store that was bought and sold. I don’t think the store is void yet of activity though. In their older collection of books, like those written/copyright in the 1890s – there was a icky kind of ghost haunting feeling. The stuff that makes you feel like they are tapping your life force and giving you headaches kind of icky.

I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a book or item, or if the store itself hosts the spirit. I did notice right after leaving the venue that while my phone was fine, my freshly charged fitbit battery was almost dead. Typically it requires a charge once every 3-4 days.

Edit: I have noticed used bookstores have a high amount of activity, much like antique shops. Anyone else find this to be true?

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