Haunted Headlines: 3/10/18-3/16/18

Rock on! This is the first Haunted Headlines posting on the day I intend to publish them going forth. (I’ve been busy this week cleaning up all the saved stories I wanted to share for Haunted Headlines posts and getting them sorted into their proper weeks. I should be on track now!)

If a day is missing, that means nothing hit my news alerts of any interest for that day. (Just like anything else in life, right? Some days are full, others not so much.)

Stories are also not limited to only the United States. The best paranormal news from around the world that hits my feed is what I share!

Okay, so enough of me ‘splaining. Let’s get to the good stuff.

What kind of paranormal news made headlines March 10-March 16, 2018? Here ya’ go:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Doll sets ablaze during two hour ‘Most Haunted’ show at Codnor Castle – Source: BlastingNews

Yvette Fielding placed a trigger object by a column, in this instance a doll supposedly cursed. As the programme went on they encountered the usual alleged paranormal activity orbs, knocks, bangs and misty forms on camera.

As the team entered the room where the cursed doll had been placed the doll caught fire. Everyone panicked and managed to put the flaming doll out using their feet. A locked off camera caught the doll bursting into flame all on its own. There appeared to be no logical reason why this would happen and even a fireman from the Cheshire Fire Service said it was odd. There was no device on the doll according to the fireman that would cause the doll to set on fire. So are we to conclude this bizarre incident was genuine? Apparently even the Most Haunted team were shaken by this.

The real-life story behind Netflix horror film Veronica is pretty darn terrifying – Source: Metro

Netflix’s latest horror movie Veronica is being touted as one of the scariest films of the year – and it gets even scarier when you realise it’s based on a true story.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The eight Birmingham pubs said to be haunted by ghostly spirits – Source: BirminghamLive

From a murdered landlord to an unruly poltergeist called Harry, Birmingham’s pubs have a chilling history

Monday, March 12, 2018

Walker photographs ‘ghost dog’ in grounds of Yorkshire castle – Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

A visitor to Sandal Castle has captured an image of what she believes is a dog-like mythical beast in its grounds.

Scaring Up Visitors at Crescent Hotel – Source: Arkansas Business

The hotel’s haunted history wasn’t embraced by management until Marty and Elisa Roenigk bought the four-story building for $1.3 million in 1997. The Roenigks were told that ghost sightings and paranormal phenomena had been kept secret, but they decided to open up the windows and air out the draperies.

A Two-Year-Old Spotted Something “Spooky” In Her House & Now Everyone Says It’s Time For Her Family To Move – Source: Bustle

As reported by BuzzFeed, Alabama resident Ryan Dalton, 37, was hanging with his two-year-old daughter Maya recently in the home they share with Dalton’s wife and Maya’s mom, Raniece. Maya was eating an open-faced peanut butter sandwich, as one does, and since everything a toddler does is adorable — particularly, in fact, sandwich-eating — Dalton decided to film her. Everything was going hunky dory until something to Maya’s right caught her eye. She suddenly stopped, her sweet little toddler smile fell, and she tried to scuttle to the side in her chair. “Spooky,” Maya said, pointing to nothing. “That’s spooky.”

Tuesday March 13, 2018

‘Demonic attack’ caught on camera as ‘ghost AMBUSHES’ taxi – Source: Daily Star

In the dashcam footage, a red car can be seen travelling down a road.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary, as the trailing vehicle films from behind.

Then suddenly, after the taxi turns the corner, a large white figure swipes across the screen — appearing to strike it.

The cab swerves into the next lane and crashes into a tree.


Bruce Willis has been set to return as John McClane in a sixth instalment of the Die Hard franchise for several years, although nothing concrete had really come out of the woodwork for some time regarding any progress of the sequel. However, the film is apparently going ahead, as new writers have boarded the project, and considering who they are, this could make for a very interesting installment. The Tracking Board reports that the scribes of the Conjuring films, Chad and Carey Hayes, will be rewriting Die Hard 6 — or as director Len Wiseman teased a few years ago, Die Hard: Year One.

Tamworth to feature on Most Haunted TV show – Source: BirminghamLive

Among the claims investigated are the story of a knife narrowly missing someone in a kitchen and a little girl being kept in the house.

She is said to have died in a fire which either killed her in the blaze or meant that she jumped to her death.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Duran Sanatorium in Costa Rica Considered Haunted Could Become a Tourism Attraction – Source: The Costa Rica Star

Plenty of mystery, myths and ghost stories surround the Sanatorio Carlos Duran (Carlos Duran Sanatorium) in Cartago Costa Rica, today an abandoned building that many believe is haunted which attracts curious visitors.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Creepiest Place To Visit In Your State That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of – Source: Bustle

…there are plenty of people out there who actually live for the high-adrenaline experience of being in the presence of pure creepiness. For those of you who fall in this camp, you’ll be psyched to refer to this list of the creepiest place to visit in your state. That’s right — no matter where you live, there’s a creepy destination just waiting to spook you, and it might not even be that far away.

Marietta’s The Anchorage gains new life on Haunted History tours – Source: The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

The sandstone mansion, 23 rooms of it, stands on the steep hillside on Marietta’s west side overlooking the Muskingum River and the city, now surrounded by smaller buildings, showing every bit of its 159 years.

Now owned by the Washington County Historical Society, it will soon become home to Hidden Marietta, the tourism concern owned by Jessica Wielitza, and starting today, it will also become the location for one of Hidden Marietta’s Haunted History tours.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Hotel owner envisions haunted possibilities – Source: Peoria Times

Surrounded by a 6-foot-high cyclone fence, strewn with weeds and debris, the structure has clearly seen better days. If it were subject to Halbert’s typical “fix and flip,” it could be a long time undergoing demolition and renovation.

But that is not what Halbert and his associates have in mind. They envision it as an ultimate vacation rental, “something where people will want to go,” Halbert said, indicating he would like to see the hotel turned into a murder mystery mansion, or an Airbnb.

Haunted History Tours: The curious to converge at Anchorage – Source: The Marietta Times

Hidden Marietta will offer Haunted History tours of The Anchorage Friday at 6 and 8 p.m., with dates to continue though the fall. Tickets and information are available at hiddenmarietta.com. Wielitza said tours are also available by appointment.



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