Haunted House

A Bit of Background:

My boyfriend’s (calling him J) stepdad owns a property with two older houses in a small village. They are side by side and share a yard. His parents don’t live in either of them, as the older of the two is completely dilapidated inside and not inhabitable, but they sometimes use the newer one (furnished, has electriciity, etc.) for laundry (they have well water at their farm house where they do live so they prefer to use the washer/dryer hook-up in town). They have always talked about fixing up the older house and renting it out, but J and I’s current living situation isn’t working for us, so his parents made us a deal where we fix up the older house for them and then we stay there.

So, for convenience, J and I have been staying at the first house on weekends while we work on the older place and some unexplainable things have happened in the past weeks… Not to mention I always thought the “energy” in the place to be a little off. I used to just brush it off because the house is empty 90% of the time and it’s not really ‘lived in’, but now I’m convinced the weird vibrations are from another source.


It all started a few weeks ago on a Friday morning when J and I were drinking coffee and watching a large group of kids get on the school bus in an empty parking lot adjacent from our house. We thought it was great that a bus stop is located so close to the house we will be moving into for when we have kids of our own. This piece is significant because when I took our dog for a walk a few minutes after the bus drove away, I distinctly heard a young voice yell, “Hello?” My dog’s ears perked up and we both looked all around. I was afraid one of the kids had somehow gotten left behind but there wasn’t a single person in sight so I continued to walk. As soon as I took another step, as if they were watching me, I heard a more persistent “Hello…” This gave me a chill-I still didn’t see any kids around, besides, they all should have been on their way to school.

The next week we painted the attic of the old house on a Friday, and the following Sunday, J noticed a trail of paint droplets (the exact color we used) upstairs on the kitchen floor in the new house. There is no way they could have been from us. We didn’t bring any tools or paintbrushes over to the new house or anything else that could have been dripping paint.

That evening when we were leaving to go back home, we were about to back out of the driveway when J realized he forgot to lock the front door. He left his driver side door wide open as he was locking up the house. On his way back, we both watched his door slowly but firmly shut and latch *Note that we were stopped on a slanted part of the driveway so the door literally swung uphill* This makes me think the spirit is very lonely and doesn’t like it when we leave.

Another strange thing that happened, I’m not sure if it could be related or not, is our dog started limping last Saturday after laying on the couch for a while at the new house. I didn’t think much of it, I checked out her paw, didn’t see any marks and I just assumed she had been laying on it funny and maybe it fell asleep. But the next morning it had swollen up to 3 times the size of her other paws. She couldn’t walk on it at all and got around by hopping with her three good legs. I still have no idea what could have happened to her, she didn’t leave my sight the whole day. We took her to the vet for an x-ray and she said it wasn’t broken and she was stumped too. No snake- or spider-bite marks either. She gave her pills for swelling and it was back to normal in just one day. I’ve heard of spirits leaving scratches and bruises on people, so if we’re dealing with a younger spirit, maybe they played a little too rough with our dog?

(There are other minor details that could arguably be coincidence like things randomly falling over in other rooms, weird dreams when we sleep there, randomly getting sick when we first wake up)

So just last night, J took our dog for a walk and they were gone for a pretty long while. What happened pretty much confirms my theory that there is a child here. He said they started by taking the usual route around the block, but when the got to the first corner, she triggered on something and started relentlessly pulling him straight ahead instead of turning. She’s a pretty strong pitbull and was acting like it was urgent so he just let her lead him to see where she wanted to go. She ended up taking him to a cemetary not far from the house that we didn’t even know existed. She dragged him to a specific grave and started rolling around on it. J said the dates on the headstone were 1992-1994. After rolling around a bit, she got up, shook off, and casually walked back to the house.

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