Haunted Military Installation [UPDATE]

So due to the general nature of the haunted building on my base, I decided to invest money in a high quality EVP Recorder. It arrived a few days ago but today was my first chance to actually use it for this building. However, as I pull up to the gate, I see my buddy, who informs me our other friend was responding to a 911 call we had.

Here’s the kicker. The call was an emergency telephone. An *elevator* telephone. Where else but East side of this building? We got the call, answered, and then it hung up. My friend went to the first floor and called down both elevators, nothing.

We’re talking to our leadership and they say that they refuse to go there anymore cause he KNOWS its haunted. We asked how he *knew*. As I’ve discussed in the previous post, I knew this used to be a WWII Army base. However, what I didnt know? The 2nd floor of this building was a **morgue**.

So I start my shift, of course, I get to go to this building first. I start up my EVP and walk in. Walking down the hallway like usual, checking doors, then a vending machine shuts itself down and reboots, which has never happened before. I shrugged and kept walking. Finished first floor, moved up to the second. Check everything, and see the elevator that had the caller. I click the button, expecting a wait because its still on the first floor, where my friend checked it, right? *Wrong.* It IMMEDIATELY opens, right there, East side, 2nd floor. I nearly shit myself. I just turn around and walk the fuck away. A few seconds later, I hear what sounds like someone charging at me. Im scared shitless at this point and get the fuck out. Got to my car, took off my cover and realize its 48 degrees and i’m soaked in sweat.

I jist checked my EVP recording. Captured all of it. The vending machine, the footsteps (VERY faint but its there) and heres what freaked me out. As soon as I entered the second floor, i started getting electrical interference, which there is no explanation to seeing as the only things near me were classrooms and offices (we bring elementary students on base to learn about science and what not)

This is all getting very crazy, and i’m afraid to go to that building. Seriously I almost had a panic attack after the elevator incident. I’m going to figure out how to get my evp recording on my pc so i can add it here. This shit is just turning into a horror flick.

Also, before people mention my evp. I cant have CAMERAS or use cell phones. Audio recording afterhours in vacant buildings is fine.

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