Have you ever had a an overwhelming sense of peace?

As you know, when discussing the paranormal, people often talk about a feeling of being watched, or uneasiness in general, but I had an experience of the exact opposite

I was sitting in work, when suddenly, I felt something I can only describe as the aforementioned sense of overwhelming peace

It felt (almost) physical, like I was “safe”, it’s a poor description, but putting it into words is difficult

I’d never experienced it before, or since. To be honest, ever since then everything feels kind of *bland*, again it’s a poor description, but when I’m happy, or receive good news etc, my mind just jumps to “yeah, but this isn’t the feeling I had that day”

I’m a Catholic, but I wasn’t on my knees praying for another 5 minutes before heading back to work, and I don’t meditate etc, so, to this day, I have no idea what it was, I just know that it’s never happened since that day, in 2008.

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I’ve always just thought it was demons.

follow up on the haunted dorm room