HELP: I hear Jingling Keys at night

Hi Basshunter42 here, im the author of the popular story about 10 months back titled “Ouija Board Told Him Not To Travel” Based on a true story by my grandmother back in the 1950’s
Im running into trouble that i havent experienced in years, My grandma lives with me, My grandma has told me that while she sleeps at night she sometimes hears this “Tick” sound, its simmilar to the sound of cracking nuckles but with 1 crack and very loud. And I have been hearing this “Tick” every night and it is torturing me, i hear it at the foot of my bed, I would wake up randomly in the middle of the night and i would hear it, but I am too terrified to open my eyes to look. And just recently the other night, the reason it convinced me it was a ghost was because I woke up in the middle of the night, dead silence, then i hear a Tick, then another Tick, and then i heard the most terrifying sound i know of, it was the jingling keys man the same one that i expirienced when I was a child, I describe who he is in my story you can find here: (

it sounds like he has a ring of keys and he is jingling them, I immediately got the covers and put them over my head and i cant remember the rest, I must’ve fell asleep super quick.
It torments me, i cant sleep anymore without gulping 2 tylenol PM pills an hour beford bed.
I live in Tampa Florida U.S.A has anyone else out there heard of these ticks? Or jingling of keys? Does anyone have an idea of what it wants? Or why it does it? I fear it may follow me for the rest of my life.
I did some research and I found that at the Tampa Theatre they also here a ghost “Jingling keys” could it be the same entity? How do I get rid of it?

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Something is following us?

Have you ever seen a ghost/had a paranormal experience???