HJ’s Holiday 2017 Ghoulish Gift Guide

Have a paranormal, Halloween, or horror lover to buy for this holiday season, but you’re not sure what to get them? It can be a little scary trying to find the right gift, can’t it?

Fear not. Here’s some ghoulish gift ideas sure to make your recipient scream with delight.

To make your shopping easier, we’ve broken it down into the following categories. Pick one and jump right to it, or scroll down to browse them all.

Let us know if you get any of our suggestions and how your gift went over. See anything you’d like to get in your stocking or under your tree this year  for yourself? Tell us! (Or, better yet, forward this along to that special someone who may be looking for some gift giving clues from you.)

(Note: In the interest of full disclosure, some of the following products are from our affiliates.)


Know a bibliophile who delights in the macabre? Check out these books. Most (but not all) were recently released this year. All are available on Amazon.com.

199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die – Learned about this one from the HorrorAddicts.net Holidaze show. The author was one of their guests. Very cool book. $16.46

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders – This says it all “Atlas Obscura revels in the weird, the unexpected, the overlooked, the hidden and the mysterious…. with its compelling descriptions, hundreds of photographs, surprising charts, maps for every region of the world, it is a book to enter anywhere, and will be as appealing to the armchair traveler as the die-hard adventurer.” Sold! $35 (On sale for $20.06 at the time this guide was written.)

Atlas of Cursed Places: A Travel Guide to Dangerous and Frightful Destinations – The title speaks for itself why it intrigues us. Right. Up. Our. Alley. $19.99

The Essential Paranormal Bucket List: 100 Mysterious Things to Investigate Before You Die – “This guide profiles one hundred of the world’s most intriguing paranormal destinations, activities, and opportunities that you should seek out during your allotted time on Earth.” What we really want to know is: “How many have we already seen and how many more do we need to?” $15.95

Serial Killer Calendar: This Day In Killer History – “[T]his is one massive collection of true crime information… perfect gift for any fan of history, murderabelia or the macabre.” $19.95

The Shining Jack’s Journal – All the pages are blank. Perfect for the writer in your life to scribble their thoughts. $11.95

Understanding Cemetery Symbols: A Field Guide for Historic Graveyards (Messages from the Dead) – We were honored to have the warm, witty, and energetic author of this infotaining book on our radio show this year. “Understanding Cemetery Symbols by Tui Snider helps history buffs, genealogists, ghost hunters and other curiosity seekers decode the forgotten meanings of the symbols our ancestors placed on their headstones.” A must-have for Tombstone Tourists! $19.99 (Hint: Combine it with 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die for a really neat gift!)


A gift that keeps on giving weird, macabre and spooky goodness all year long, while helping them stay organized and on schedule. We found these on Amazon.com.

Atlas Obscura Page-A-Day Calendar 2018 – “…the Atlas Obscura Page-A-Day Calendar is 365 days of unbridled curiosity and exploration.” $14.99 (On sale for $8.83 at the time this guide was written.)

Day of the Dead 2018 Wall Calendar: Sugar Skulls – “The Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls wall calendar features fantastic Día de los Muertos pop culture icons in stunning paintings, vector art, and screen-printed posters.” $14.99 (On sale for $11.73 at the time this guide was written.)

The Haunted Realm 2018 Wall Calendar – “In The Haunted Realm wall calendar, Marsden’s ghostly images are accompanied by literary excerpts and historical accounts as well as tales of apparitions and the paranormal that have been reported at the sites and the strange events said to lie behind them.” $14.99 (On sale for $11.33 at the time this guide was written.)


Clothing can be tricky, and some of these suggestions are off color –which might offend a normal person, but that’s not who you’re buying for, right?

Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Sweatshirt Vintage Hoodie  – Comes in a variety of sizes. $22.49-$24.29 on Amazon

Classic Ghost Face T-Shirt Large White – Sizes of all variety and T-shirt colors other than white. $13.99-$22.99 on Amazon

Krampus Socks – Nothing warms your feet better than a pair of Krampus socks. $12.71 on Amazon

Staining Things Panties – For the ultimate Stranger Things fan. This company actually has a lot of funny spoof panties, such “Nightmare on Bed Sheets” (Nightmare on Elm Street spoof), “Don’t Open, Red Inside” (The Walking Dead spoof), and “Redrum” (The Shining spoof). Funny stuff for the horror movie loving ghoul in your life. $12.00 from Sourpuss Clothing

Women AHS Long Sleeve Hoodies – Get your American Horror Story on. Literally. $19.99 on Amazon

Womens Mermaid Skeleton Dab T-shirt Halloween Costume Graphic Funny XL Black – Many sizes (including Mens and Youth) are available, as are colors of shirts. $14.00 on Amazon


Know someone who likes to play interactive games of the escape room or murder mystery dinner variety? These gifts let them do that, but from the comfort of their own home.

Escape the Crate – Assemble your team (a.k.a. family and friends for a game night), and try to crack the code, solve the puzzles, and escape the room. Well, theoretical room. You do it all from your house so you’re always free to go. $29.99 every other month

Hunt a Killer – “A first-of-its-kind thriller Membership delivering monthly experiences straight to your doorstep.” Fans of true crime shows who’d like to put their detective skills to the test would love this. Starts at $25/month (for a one-year membership)

The Mysterious Package Company – As Geek.com described one of the boxes they reviewed (but that can be applied to the concept as a whole): “It’s part prank, part ghost story, and it lets everyone in on the act at the end.”  It’s a story told through the mail over weeks or months, depending upon the experience. In some cases they also includes collectibles. Prices Vary (Generally they run between $100-$200, though.)

Home Decor

For the person who embraces the macabre 24/7/365 and isn’t afraid to show it.

60″ x 80″ Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Cozy Air conditioning Easy Care Machine Wash The Ouija Board – Cold? Snuggle up under this spirited blanket. $37.50 on Amazon

Ambesonne Gothic Decor Collection, Full Moon Birds Fairytale Fantasy Old Castle Balcony Candle and Night View, Polyester Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain Set with Hooks – Add a touch of mystery to your bathroom with this shower curtain. (Also comes as a tapestry you can hang on your wall. We included it below too.) $29.95 on Amazon

Ambesonne Gothic Decor Collection, Full Moon Birds Fairytale Fantasy Old Castle Balcony Candle and Night View, Bedroom Living Room Dorm Wall Hanging Tapestry – Great way to add atmosphere to any room. $29.95

Christmas Mourning Jar Candle – A gift straight from a candle maker in Salem, Mass. Beware. It might even make the Scroogiest of Scrooges smile. $18 from Witch City Wicks

Comfortable Fish Skeleton Wrap Sofa Knitted Halloween Mermaid Blanket – Warm tootsies guaranteed when wrapped snug in this cute knit skeletal fin. $42.54 at DressLily.com

Comfortable Fish Skeleton Wrap Sofa Knitted Halloween Mermaid Blanket

Ghost Candle – Ghost Repel – The Ghosts of Christmas past won’t haunt you this holiday season. “Send  stray spirits away” with this candle. Includes a prayer for protection. $10.50 on Amazon

Ghost Candle – Night Terrors – Plagued by bad dreams? Invoke protection and send them packing with the power of this candle. $12.50 on Amazon

Krampus Scented Vegan Jar Soy Candle – 9 oz – What does Krampus smell like? Apparently like fresh cut evergreens, apples, winter florals, and sprigs of holly berry. $15.95 on Amazon

Ouija Spirit Board Wall Clock
 – “Spirit, what time is it?” Quarter past Yes. An interesting way to keep track of time. $24.95 from Design Toscano

Ouija Spirit Board Wall Clock

Sourpuss Canvas Hearse Pillow – $17.00 at Sourpuss Clothing


Sourpuss Canvas Spooky Home Pillow – $17.00 at Sourpuss Clothing


Sourpuss Skull Blanket – $24 at  Sourpuss Clothing


Spirit Board Altar Table with Drawer 12″ – What spirits might you raise on this table? $86.78 on Amazon
Sugar Skull Embroidered Pillow – $30 at  Sourpuss Clothing


Jewelry & Accessories

Why settle for accessorizing in a boring way when there are these options that put the “fun” in functional?

Hocus Pocus Halloween Ring Bath Bomb – We put this one here, because while it may appear to be more of a bath product, it holds a secret: it’s two gifts in one. As the bath bomb dissolves, it reveals a surprise inside: a ring! $15.95 from Scented Treasures

Ouija sun and moon earrings – The Spirit Board says, “Yes. You are my moon and stars” to whoever you gift these. Handmade. $12 on Amazon

Pinsanity Ouija Planchette Lapel Pin – Stylish, classy, sassy.  $9.95 on Amazon

The Shining Room 237 (Overlook Hotel) Keychain – Stephen King – This room key chain also comes in black, and they have another one in red for Room 217. $5.99 on Amazon.

The Great Northern Hotel Room 315 Twin Peaks Inspired Key Tag  – Perfect for that Twin Peaks fan on your list! $8.99 on Amazon.

Victorian Krampus Earrings – Nothing shows off your holiday spirit better than a pair of stylish Krampus earrings. Handmade. $15 on Amazon

Toys & Games

Some are for children, some are for kids at heart, and some are completely inappropriate for both children and adults (but those are the ones adults will get the biggest thrill from).

AdoptaCreepyDoll – “Creepy cuties” need love too. These “Cemetery of Forgotten Dolls” are not necessarily haunted, but they are haunting. They also have a mission: Proceeds from all adopted dolls benefit care and rehabilitation of rescued horses.  $12-$75 on Etsy

Damian – $59 in the AdoptaCreepyDoll store on Etsy
Fester – $59 in the AdoptaCreepyDoll store on Etsy
Halfrik – $59 in the AdoptaCreepyDoll store on Etsy

Aquarius Ouija Playing Cards – Just a typical deck of cards…or are they? The spirits will decide. $6.98 on Amazon

Bigfoot Rescue Kit (Plush Toy and Book) – $9.95 on Amazon

Yeti Rescue Kit – $9.95 on Amazon

Unicorn Rescue Kit (Plush Toy and Book) – $9.95 on Amazon

Dead Celebrity Club Card Game – the completely inappropriate adult game for those with morbid curiosities!  – $19.99 on Amazon

The Skeleton in the Closet – A Halloween Tradition – $18.99 on Amazon

Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game – You don’t have to be a lover of the great classic writer’s work to enjoy this “…hilariously morbid (and informative!) card game that has players trying to outdo one another using everyone’s favorite Shakespearean construct: the amazing deaths!” $12.62 on Amazon

Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game – A killer gift for any horror movie lover. $35 on Amazon

FuzzlingMonsters – These are handmade stuffed monster plush toys. We follow them on Instagram and love seeing the new designs. They’re colorful and cute and appeal to our inner child! We’re sharing a couple of their stuffed monsters below to give you an idea, but they also have instant downloadable coloring pages and mini monsters. Prices start at $2.03 for the coloring pages and go up to $36.62 for the plushies. Ships from Canada. Available on Etsy.

White Fuzzling Flutter – $36.62 on Etsy
Halloween Bow FuzzlingMonster – $28.48 on Etsy

Morbid Curiosity – “A wickedly unique party game about death.” – $25 from MorbidCuriosityGame.com

STACK the BONES skeleton skull & crossbones STACKING – Like Jenga, except bone-style. $19.99 on Amazon. (On sale for $14.99 at the time this guide was written.)

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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