How a possesssion turned a skeptic to a believer.

So this one was told by my mother where her friend was in an island right. In the Maldives islands are pretty small usually like 4km around. So while he was there, a word spread a man in the island got possessed right. So my moms friend, a huge skeptic, decided to go and check it out to see the commotion.

As he approached the house he can hear the possessed man screaming and shouting and there was a huge crowd outside his house all the way into the inside to the living room where the possessed man was being held on the bed (usually by 4 or 10 people). The moment he stepped foot inside through the gates, the possessed dude screamed “THIS GUY NAMED (friend’s name) OF THIS HOUSE (friend’s address) HAS JUST ENTERED THROUGH THE GATES AND IS COMING TO SEE ME!!!!”

My mom’s friend got the fuck out of there shitting himself 😂 he swore no way the screaming dude could have known that, coz he eas obscured by the crowd, the house walls and finally the living room walls inside as well as such personal details as they were strangers Dudes a believer now lmao.

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