I had a conversation with the spirit box

My friend and I went to an abandoned mine site near us where there was a disaster back in the 1800’s. We brought our spirit box to conduct a routine session but my friend got the idea to switch from AM to FM frequencies (which I never thought of trying). So we do and it’s silent. The FM channels of course did not have as much activity as AM, so we weren’t expecting much. I later regretted not recording the session, even though we were amateur and did not have proper recording equipment, etc. Only a spirit box. So I asked if anyone was with us and suddenly a faint “hello” came through, and it was so faint we had to hold the spirit box up to our ear as if we were on the phone. I asked what the person’s name was and the same voice replied, “Bob”. My friend and I stared at each other, so I then asked how this “Bob” was doing. The same voice then said “Good” after a couple seconds, and bewildered, my friend and I got freaked out and ended the session early. I plan to someday return and experiment with this again, this time recording it. But has anyone ever experimented with AM/FM frequencies on spirit boxes, and also what are the chances that “Bob’s” responses coincided with my questions??

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It wont stop messing with me

controlled frequency communication?