I know we have this thread often, but tell me your scariest true stories.

heres a compilation of mine:
For context; as a kid, I lived at the end of like a mile long dirt road in the desert at the base of the mountain in Jerome, AZ. (which is known for being a ghost town)

I would hear people calling me all the time.

I would often wake up to someone screaming in my face while no one was there.

I found a photo of me sleeping once on my phone. Scared me shitless.

Things would move from where i left them.

I had things thrown at me a few times when i was the only one home

I would see very clearly, people walking through the hallway/people standing above my bed but there was no one there.

There would be scratching and knocking from inside the walls

And the time I saw my dad walk past my bedroom door, only to walk past it in the same direction less than 5 minutes later (the hallway is long and thin).

I was in the living room once and for some reason looked behind me (at the back door which was glass) and saw someone watching me, but it wasnt a person. Like their face was all distorted and melted and shit. It was the middle of the day, too.

Id peroidically find scratches on my body when I woke up.

I saw in a previous post, someone referring to the way Predator looks like a watery shadow? Imagine that, but in the shape and size of a grown man. I watched as this man thing walked through my yard and up the hill. I saw it very clearly and can still remember going “wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf”

No one ever beilieves me when I tell them this, but I was sitting on my bed once and looked over at a pile of laundry and saw a little white creature standing on it. Like it was a tiny person with a big head and mouth and it was pitch white. I went “what the FUCK” and it opened its mouth and shrieked and disappeared into thin air. This story makes me feel insane but I swear on my life it happened.

I live with my boyfriend a whole town away now but every time we have to go back to that town i get so uneasy. But shit still happens at our house.
Like, the time we were watching a movie in the bedroom and a piece of paper flew across the room. Even my dog saw it.
And a few nights ago (we have sheer curtains) I saw two huge round eyes watching me at like 3 am. I only saw them because of the reflection off the TV.
I still get the screaming in my face while I’m asleep sometimes, and the people calling my name. Not as often though.

Oh, and last night at work (I work at a fairly new Pizza Hut, the building is less than 10 years old.) some crazy shit happened. One our female cooks always gets made fun of because she;s convinced the womens restroom is haunted. I never believed her but omg So i went to clean the restroom last night and as i opened the door, i heard a wierd mettalic noice and the handicap stall door was swinging closed. I booked it back to the kicthen where everyone else was lmao. But like half an hour later I had to pee so i just sucked it up and decided to go use the bathroom. I had just locked the stall door and unbuttoned my pants when all of a sudden there was a loud slam on the stall door, like someone had Sparta kicked it. The whole partition shook from the impact. There is no way/space for anyone to hide in the bathroom.

Also when I was a toddler, my mom came into the bedroom because I was screaming bloody murder. She said she found me standing in my bed, screaming, and when she picked me up, I started talking in a voice that wasn’t mine and chanting in Latin or whatever. I’ve never had an issue with sleepwalking that I know of.

OH! And typing all this made me remember something else that happened when I was probably 12/13. I used to be babysat by this woman named Katie (same name as me). She was a hardcore practicing Wiccan and had a black cat named Sebastian. We were sitting in her backyard, which is covered by trees and bushes. We were sitting there , and I remember suddenly feeling reeeeeaaallllyyy calm. And then I saw a bunch of little lights start floating around us, and Katie started talking to them and she had a bowl of honey and fruit out for them.

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