I need advice to help my daughter and grandson.

I have owned my grandparents old home since 2001 when my grandfather passed away. He died in peace at another location away from the house. My grandmother killed herself there in 1976 from a self inflicted gun shot. Since then there have been a lot of really paranormal things happening in the house, way too many to begin telling here.

Since I’ve owned the house I used it as a rental property and every tenant would start asking the usual questions like “Has anyone died in here?” “Did you know that your house was haunted”. Some people thought it was cool, and others took off and left. Most told me that it was a ghost of a woman, and the people with children would say that the kids weren’t scared of her. I had a few reports of a male ghost, that I never really believed or thought that they may have been confused. One person told me that it was a woman and a “demon” in the house.

Well now, my daughter and 3 year old grandson are living there. She calls me weekly with updated ghost stories from small things to the kitchen cabinets opening and all the contents spilling out, all items on the mantle falling off, voices, crying sounds and good stuff too especially directed at my grandson.

Recently there have been a couple accounts of a male there that have been scary. She had a friend move in temporarily who said that she heard a demonic sounding male voice asking who she was one day and a few other things. Last night it terrified my grandson. He ran to my daughter terrified screaming that there was a mean man in his room. After checking to make sure that it wasn’t a burglar, my daughter asked him if it was just the friendly ghost. He said that he had never seen this man before and he was scary and mean. He slept in my daughters bed and she heard strange noises coming from his room for about an hour. I finally went to pick her up and bring them home last night.

Is there any advice that anyone could give? Any way to cleanse the house or get rid of the male figure. I never worried about the female since we figured we knew who she was and was harmless, plus I don’t want to kick my grandmother out of her own house, but now I’m worried about my daughter and grandson.

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I think my grandmother is trying to tell me something

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