I saw him again on feb 23rd

A while ago i posted this hoping for no follow up, but i saw him again, half a month ago. I put off making this since i think its silly for me to be afraid or concerned, but something feels fundamentally wrong about him. It *could* always just be me seeing a local guy that likes to get super fresh sub zero air in his business suit, i try to not get carried away with these things. This time, i saw him at subway in my neighborhood while going out to eat with other people from my school. It was around 5 ish and we stayed to prepare for a play that was starting at 7 (i was the photographer). He was sitting at a table alone and not doing much. His hat and blazer were off. I wish i couldve taken a picture of him but my phone had died at around 4. He looked at me then looked back at the table. He didnt have a meal or anything he was just hanging out at subway. He had no coat and it was raining pretty consistently that day. I wanted to ask anyone else about him, but i dont know them that well so i didnt risk embarrassing myself and didnt mention him. Though, i got my food and sat down in front of him. He looked confused, so i went against my better judgement (and the judgement of commenters on my last post -_-‘) and asked him if he was alright but he immediately got up and left. To be completely honest i forgot about the exchange for a while, since a lot has been going on, but i want to get to the bottom of this.

Edit: the more i think about this the more i regret paying any kind of attention to him

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What started off as a staged séance for a film scene became very, very real.

I heard screaming on a rain sounds app