I think I had a paranormal experience whilst in bed.

Hey guys, I’ve never posted on here before but like to listen and read posts from reddit about all things scary. About a month ago I had a weird experience whilst in bed but I’m pretty certain I was awake and not asleep whilst it was happening. I’ll explain my story here, and give some rational explanations and also some reasons why it could have been paranormal and let you guys decide whether it was rational or irrational! Here we go…

I was in bed asleep on my stomach, with my face turned towards my wall, when I woke up suddenly (I don’t sleep well throughout the nights so it is normal for me to wake up and be wide awake, at various times throughout the night), knowing that it wasn’t time to get up yet I closed my eyes and hoped to fall back to sleep. Then I started to feel the covers being pulled back across my back (when I was asleep they had been right up towards my neck covering my shoulders), and felt a hand rub over my should and back as if to wake me up, which gave me that tingly feeling that you get when someone is standing close behind you and touches you and makes you shudder. I remember feeling scared at the time but decided it might be my mum trying to wake me up for some reason but instead of turning round to look I decided to wait till she said my name. That’s when I felt someone/something climb onto my bed and stand over me with what felt like their feet either side of my shoulders (please note I could feel the mattress move down around the where the feet as it would do when anyone stands on a mattress or a cushion), completely terrified I slowly turned round to look behind me, but when I looked there was nothing there, all I could see was my ceiling. Then I noticed that the feeling of someone standing over me had gone and I just laid there breathing heavily. I think the time was just past 4am when this happened incase you where wondering.

Okay so rational explanations and counter arguments for them are:
Number one- I hadn’t actually woken up and the whole thing had just been a dream. However when I felt the hand on my back it genuinely felt like I had been physically touched, when I do dream and I come into contact with objects or people I can never feel them physically like I could then. I also wasn’t dreaming prior to this experience and when I ‘woke up’ I genuinely felt as if I was wide awake and didn’t have that waking up feeling when I turned around.
Number two- I experienced some kind of sleep paralysis maybe? It sounds similar to sleep paralysis in the sense that I felt like something was watching over me, however I was able to turn around and move at will, which to my knowledge doesn’t happen when you experience sleep paralysis as when you experience that you are completely paralysed from the moment you wake up.

So what does everyone think? Did something spooky happen to me or was it rational? Let me know!

Side-note: I’m pretty certain I posted this in the correct community but my apologies if it was not, this is my first post after all. If it was the wrong community where should I post this type of post?

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