I think I may be haunted

So I honestly don’t know if these images show ghost or if I’m just paranoid but honest to God I see things in these images. How it started: I was going through my phone and found 2 images I had never taken. One was outside a bus and the other was inside my apartment window. They were pretty dark so I edited them. Since my friend was over, and so was my sister, I decided to show them what the image was. We were all freaked out as we all saw faces in both images. We decided to draw what we saw in each one and we all saw something similar: (these are the drawings we did) in the first photo i saw a regular cliche horror movie alien face but they saw this weird dog-creature. In the second photo we all pretty much saw the same thing. I started crying out of fear when my friend had the “best” idea. She said that we could take pictures of the house while it was pitch black (with a nightlight here and there) to see if we could find anything. So of course i did and I took 10 photos in total. I did take a photo of the bathroom mirror but the light was accidentally on, and I didn’t want to retake a picture in the dark. Sorry. So of course we see faces. 8/10 of the pictures had faces. I start crying again out of fear and paranoia and eventually fall asleep from it. I was awoke in the middle of the night by my carousel music box going off. I looked around and saw no one up. Turns out my sister and my friend were both asleep on the bottom bunk. I honestly think it’s just my paranoia speaking but maybe not. This building is built on top of an ancient burial site and it’s not the first time I’ve seen something paranormal. I’ve had a few other experiences but they’re stories for another time. Here are the pictures i took with the supposed ghost faces in them:

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